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6 Best Android Card Games Reviewed

Card games have been with us for a very long time. And as technology is going forward now you can enjoy playing cards on your smartphone anywhere, anytime. It is up to you if you play solo or play with people from around the world. Enough of that, we are going to share with you a collection of the 6 best android card games. Please keep in mind that this list isn’t in order of which game is the best. It’s simply a collection of the best card games for android.

6 Best Android Card Games:

  1. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is one of the most popular card-based strategy games that plays in a fantasy world. Unlike some games that make you go through a guide to learn how to play the game, in this one you start into introductory missions that teach you how to play. The in-game points and cards can also be transferred from your phone to your PC, since your achievements are connected to your account. It is free to download, but it comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Hearthstone - 6 Best Android Card Games Reviewed

  1. Clash Royale

With over 100 million downloads worldwide and a rating of 4.6, Clash Royale is one of the best android card games. Your job is to collect and upgrade your cards and then go into real-time battles with your troops. The main task is to destroy your enemy’s towers to win the game and earn coins. The more you play, the stronger your battle deck is. You can also choose to battle your friends using just wi-fi. The best part is that this game is entirely free, no ads included and optional in-app purchases.

  1. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends without doubt, it surly deserves a place on the list of the best card games for android. You have to collect cards, build your deck and then take the competition online. The game comes with a campaign mode, an online PvP mode and much more. It is one of the better strategy card-based games available for android. This game is  free to download with some in-app purchases.

The Elder Scrolls Legends - 6 Best Android Card Games Reviewed cover

  1. CardShark

If you are a fan of the old classic card games, then CardShark is the app you are looking for. It has a wide collection of many games in which are included FreeCell, Solitaire, Gin Rummy, Texas Hold ‘EM, and much more. It comes with a friendly user 3D interface that makes it easy to use. The game automatically saves your previous games and updates to new versions. The game is $2.99, however, it comes with no ads or any in-app purchases included.

  1. Pokemon TCG Online

This game is an online version of the classic Pokemon trading card game. The players need to collect cards, build decks, challenge opponents and of course, make sure to win. The game also features trading cards with other players online. There are many ways to earn new cars and you can even build your deck from the cards you get. In the game you have an AI opponent you can try your new deck with. It’s one of the freemium games, so be prepared for that. It is free to download, but it comes with ads.

Pokemon TCG Online - 6 Best Android Card Games Reviewed

  1. Card Wars Kingdom

A Cartoon Network production, Card Wars Kingdom is surly one of the best android card games. It plays like most freemium collectible card games. The game comes with a hundreds of different characters to collect, upgrade them up and upgrade them. It also has a PvP mode which makes the game more interesting. It is free to download, however, it comes with ads and in-app purchases like the other freemium games. Also read: 8 Best Android Multiplayer Games Worth Trying

Now you have the 6 best card games for android listed. If you think we’ve missed some app that belongs to this list, please contact us or drop a comment below.

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