News Apps for Android Phones

The way of staying on track with the latest news is now more available than ever. Instead of buying the newspaper from the local store or waiting for a TV producer to tell us the latest news now, you can read them on your way home, on your way to work, you name it. As technology is going further, now you can keep up to date with the latest news with your smartphone. On this day we have thousands of sites and apps delivering the news to us. Now we are going to list the most rated news apps for android which you can get them right away.

Please keep in mind that this list isn’t an order of which news app is the most powerful one. We simply give you a collection of the most rated news apps you can get on your android smartphone and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

News Apps for Android Phones

  1. The Guardian

The guardian is surely one of the most rated news apps for android. Delivering international news and as well a fresh perspective on American politics from across the pond. The app is very easy to use, filled with investigative deep dives and videos to make sure you stay informed with the latest news from around the world.

You can simply log in with your Google or Facebook account in order to customize your homepage the way you like it and follow your favorite critics and categories so in that way you are always in the loop with the news and stories you care about. Related apps: Apps for Podcasts for Android and iPhone

The Guardian - 10 Most Rated News Apps for Android Audience

  1. Feedly

When we’re talking about this app we can say it’s one of the most rated news apps for android. With over 5 million downloads, Feedly is one of the most famous news apps out there. What makes this app so special is that it’s an RSS reader.

What does this mean? Well, this means you can draw from a different sites and sources. The main goal here is to make your own news network from places that you trust. This app comes with incorporation with Facebook, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others. It’s a pretty popular choice and the best part is this app and service is totally free to use.

  1. Google Play Newsstand

Google’s fully developed app is every bit as shiny and user friendly as you might expect. You can find news both big and small published in this news app, with Google drawing together news sources from all around the globe. Also you can easily set up daily briefing to give you the most significant stories of the day. You have an option to safe a specific story or download to read it later.

The recommendation system that is included in this app, Google claims that the more you use it the better it gets and more in tune with your interests. Now you can enjoy access to thousands of free and premium news sources, leading magazines and specialized publications. This app is free to download and it’s available for both Android and iOS.

  1. Flipboard

For many Android users, Flipboard is the default news app. It’s been around for a while and was one of the first apps to make reading the news less boring with its image-heavy, magazine-style layout. This app is very similar to the Feedly app.

You can create a custom feed with your favorite sites, news sources and other place. However, what makes this app different from Feedly is by being a little more showy. Meaning, it contains fun animations, large images and a very friendly user interface that gives it the look of a digital magazine.

With over 500 million downloads we can clearly say this app is very popular and very reliable when it comes to staying informed with the latest news. You can download this app for free. Check these out: Best Radio Apps for Android

Flipboard - 10 Most Rated News Apps for Android Audience

  1. Reddit

It might not be most normal way staying informed with the latest news, but it’s very rare that a big event goes unshared on Reddit. With over 10 million downloads over the last 2 years, when Reddit officially launched an app in 2016, it can be surely said that it is one of the best apps you can get for news.

Reddit is an excellent way to keep up with the latest news via different subreddits which you can follow. This app is free to download on both Android and iOS platform.

  1. BBC News

With the completely redesigned and a fresh look, BBC News Android app is giving you greater personalization and more content than ever. Britain’s national broadcaster gives you the latest news around the world round-the-clock TV broadcasts and now with the app you can always stay informed.

The app offers you a live-streaming news channel that is backed directly into the app. With over 10 million downloads BBC News got its place to the 10 most rated news apps for Android. Also you can get this app on the iOS platform as well.

  1. Twitter

Twitter without a doubt is the best social media platform for the latest news. It’s one of the few platforms that show the posts in chronological order. As a result, it will always show you what’s happening right now.

It contains hashtags and trending topics which you can choose to follow the sources you like. After following a certain hashtags your feed will show you their latest posts. You should know that it’s also prime territory for click baiting and rage baiting. But for those people who can read between the lines can always find the latest good stuff faster than most other places.

Twitter - 10 Most Rated News Apps for Android Audience

  1. Google App

The Google app keeps you in the about the things you care about. This app always provides you with a decent feed. You can see all kind of things such as the weather, news articles related to your main interests and many other stuff. All this things included, there isn’t much what this app can’t do. It has only one downside and that is the app uses your previous search history to determinate your interests.

What does this mean? Well, it means if you ever been bored and searched for things randomly, the app will think that you like that kind of stuff and it will show you something similar to that. However, it’s fixable but it can be annoying as well. All of the app services you can use are free and it’s free to download.

  1. USA Today

If you are one of those people who like their daily news with an American flavor, then the USA Today app is the one you’ve been searching for. It has very user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use.

It’s bright and colorful to look and it comes with large images. This makes to grab your attention, visually and doesn’t let go. In addition, it comes with everything you could want to read. Sports, celebrity gossip, trending news and even offline support so you can download the articles you’d like to read before heading out of mobile range. It is free to download with ads.

  1. CNN App

You should know that CNN was the first 24-hour cable news channel, and the official app for android works as a condensed version of the site. It goes in the list of 10 most rated news apps for android because of many reasons.

It gives the users a wide variety of articles, primarily with a focus on U.S. audiences, as well as a bunch of original CNN content that you can’t watch anywhere else. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms and it’s free to download.

CNN App - 10 Most Rated News Apps for Android Audience

There you have it, the most rated news apps for android available. You can choose the app you think it suits you the best and stay informed anywhere you go.Most Rated News Apps for Android Audience Pinterest