Top Apple Watch Apps Review

The Apple Watch was introduced to us back on 24 April 2015. Since then, it made quite an impact on the people. In fact, it was so successful that it turned out to a series. Moreover, the Apple Watch has been around for several years and over the years it was made even more amazing than it was. However, not all apps which are available on the Apple Watches are best suited or useful to the users. In addition, Apple developers have now made it easier than ever. With the latest watchOS 6 updates, the on-watch App Store was launched.

With that update, there is a brand new chapter that can be argued about the Apple Watch. We’ve set aside some time and tested some apps for apple watch and come to you with a great article. In this one, you are going to read about some of the top apple watch apps you can find! That being said, let’s take a closer look at the apple watch apps list.

Top Apple Watch Apps Review

Top Apple Watch Apps Review


If you use public transport almost every day, this is a must-have app on your apple watch! Why? Simply because it allows users to check the status of public transport with a few clicks. In addition, it gives you directions to any address you save.

With a rating of 4.3, it’s no secret why this app found its way to the list of the best apps for the apple watch. It comes with a great friendly user interface which makes it easy to work and find your way in it. This app is entirely free for use.

Please keep in mind that Citymapper covers some locations only. So make sure to read it before downloading it. They are currently expanding the locations and people can vote for their city so they add it sooner.


One of the most useful apple watch app for those who travel is iTranslate. It’s once again an app for people who travel often, but it’s so useful we had to share it. In addition to working perfectly on the Apple Watch, it’s entirely free to use.

So what does this app do? Well, for instance, it will translate all your spoken words in the language you request. There are many different languages available and from our experience, the translations are precise. Moreover, you can use the option to switch between dialects. With more than 100 Million downloads worldwide, it surely belongs on the list of the top apple watch apps in 2020.


If you are working out or planning on starting, this app can help you. To all those who are using fitness apps, we don’t need to introduce you to Strava. However, for those who aren’t familiar with the app here are some of the things you can do with it.

Users can get accurate stats for pace, speed, distance, calories burned, and much more. With the latest update, the developers added new maps and routes that users can use to mix the training session. In addition, you can compare your swimming, cycling, and running performance over time. You can also connect with your friends who are using this app and compare your results. It has a friendly user interface which makes it easy to use.

The app comes with some optional in-app purchases, but it’s completely free to use and it doesn’t take too much space on your Apple Watch. It’s without a doubt, one of the top apple watch apps around.


If you are a sports fan, the ESPN app is one of the must-have apps on your Apple Watch. With the well-suited design for the watch, it’s no wonder why this app is on the list of the top apple watch apps. It carries a rating of 4.4 and millions of downloads worldwide; it’s one of the useful apps on your Apple Watch. With just a few clicks, you can check the results of your favorite team. Get the fastest updates about the games with this app.

Moreover, you can use it to watch numerous live events from the ESPN network. Users can get on-demand news, score notifications, highlights and much more. For some of these features, you have to use their in-app subscriptions. You can still enjoy a ton of features with the free version, but if you want to take it to the next level, you have to get a membership.


One of the most suited to-do apps for the Apple Watch is Evernote. This app helps users to add quick important notes and to-dos. Moreover, Evernote helps people to get organized with no trouble. You can create notes in many different types of formats including photos, sketches, text, audio, image files and much more. Unlike many other apps, Evernote allows you to sync all of your notes across devices automatically.

You can easily enter notes in your watch using the microphone option. In addition, you can find them also using your voice. Simply, Evernote helps people to stay organized, get notifications from reminders and never forget anything. You can get the app completely free but for some features, you have to use the premium version which you can buy from the in-app purchases. Even with the free version, this app can still do tons of cool stuff.


When it comes to weather, there are tons of apps you can find on the app store. However, we and many other people find the original Weather app best-suited for the apple watch. It ranks #1 in the Weather apps and surely this app finds its way to the apple watch apps list.

As we mentioned earlier, unlike many other weather apps, this one fits perfectly with your Apple Watch. Moreover, users can take a lookup to 2 weeks in advance. That means you can always stay ahead of the weather and plan something fun for the weekend. With the latest update, the developers added a Dark Mode which works perfectly with your watch. According to their reports, developers are now working on releasing a new update which will show a map that can track reported cases of the new virus COVID-19.

Weather - Top Apple Watch Apps Review


Finding songs is now easier than ever. Thanks to the great compatibility of the app with the Apple Watch, you are just a few clicks away from finding the song you hear! With a rating of 4.9, it surely deserves a place on the list of the top apple watch apps in 2020.

If you’ve used it before, you know how simple it works. For those who are getting their first experience with Shazam, we want to tell you that it’s so easy and anybody can do it. All you have to do is open the app on your watch and tap the Shazam logo. The app will then listen to the sounds in the background and will give you the name of the song. The best part is that this app is entirely free and is ad-free.


If you are an Apple Watch owner, these are some of the top apple watch apps you can find useful these days. According to many people reviews and our experience, these are some of the best apps for apple watch you can use in 2020. Please keep in mind that this list isn’t in order of which app is the best or useful one. It’s simply a collection of some of the top apple watch apps around. If you think some other apps can work as amazing as these apps on the device, please let us know by dropping a comment below or contacting us.