Best 1080p Projector Under $300 Review

Choosing a projector can be hard when there are hundreds of options available on the market. Things can become even harder if you don’t know what to look for in a projector. Well, if you are looking for a projector that offers good performance and isn’t available at a high price, you have come to the right place. We will help you choose the best 1080p projector under $300.

In this article, we are going to review the best 1080 projectors, and we will also discuss the factors that you should consider while buying a projector. Every single projector on this list is worth the investment, and you won’t have to think twice while buying it. So, let’s hop into the review section and see what these projectors have to offer.

Things to Look for While Buying a Projector

Contrast Ratio

Everyone knows the importance of resolution, but people often forget to pay attention to other important factors. Resolution isn’t the only factor that plays a role in improving the picture quality. You should keep an eye on the contrast ratio offered by the projector while making the purchase, as it will affect the overall picture quality. Contrast ratio is defined as the ratio of the brightness of the brightest shade to that of the darkest shade.

If the difference in the brightness of black and white is high, the quality of the image will be better. For a contrast ratio of 7000:1, the brightest point in the projected image is 7000 times brighter than the darkest point. If your projector offers a contrast ratio of 3000:1 or higher, you are likely to have a pleasant experience with it.

The contrast ratio affects the clarity of the image; however, it doesn’t play a big role in daylight conditions. But it will play a major role when you use the projector in dark conditions, as it will have to create deep blacks. So, you should be clear about the application of the projector while making the purchase.

Best 1080p Projector Under $300 Review


Brightness is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a projector, and you should pick the right product depending upon the application.

All projectors will keep you covered in dark conditions, but their performance won’t be the same. Moreover, some projectors don’t do a good job in daylight conditions, and the brightness factor plays an important role here. The brightness of a projector is measured in ANSI lumens, and this factor determines the performance of a unit in different conditions.

If you are planning to use the projector in lit environments, you should go for a model that has a brightness factor of 3000+ lumens. By investing in such a projector, you can enjoy movies with your close ones at night in the yard. However, if you want to use the projector in a dark room, a model that has a brightness factor of 1000+ lumens will do the job.

You can save money by buying a projector with 1000 lumens, but such models will not perform well in lit conditions. So, you should buy the projector that suits your requirements, and you can easily find projectors with 3000+ lumens under $300.

Compatibility and Connectivity Options

There is no point in buying a projector that isn’t compatible with the device you use, right? Fortunately, most projectors these days are compatible with a wide range of devices, and you can connect them with most laptops, smartphones, tablets, or gaming consoles. However, this doesn’t mean all projectors will be compatible with the devices you own, so you should keep an eye on the list of compatible devices. You can enjoy action-packed games on a big screen if your projector is compatible with your gaming console.

You will be able to make full use of a projector that is compatible with multiple devices, and you won’t face any issues with it in the field of utility. This is not all; you should also check the connectivity options while choosing a model.

If you have multiple connectivity options, you will have a lot of flexibility while using the projector. The projector should be HDMI-ready, as the use of HDMI cables results in better sound and picture quality.

Modern projectors offer wireless connectivity options too, and some support wireless mirroring for iOS and Android systems. If you invest in a model that offers such features, you will be able to play videos in the background using TV projection, and you will have the flexibility to attend calls without having to pause the video.

Refresh Rate

The days of compromising on the refresh rate are gone, and you can get some appealing models at affordable prices. If you are planning to enjoy games on big screens, it’s important to keep an eye on the refresh rate of the projector. The best projectors for gaming offer a refresh rate of 120Hz or higher, and investing in such a model will keep you covered in most situations.

Input lag can be frustrating, and it can ruin your overall experience. Some projectors come with features like enhanced gaming mode to take the experience up a notch. If your projector does well in this field, you will be happy with the movie-watching experience as well.

Refresh Rate - Best 1080p Projector Under $300


You won’t have a good movie-watching experience if the sound quality isn’t up to the mark. Many projectors come with good quality built-in speakers, but some fail to impress in this field. If your projector doesn’t perform well in this field, you will have to buy separate sound systems.

If the projector comes with a 1-watt or 3-watt speaker, you may not have a pleasant experience, as it won’t deliver room-filling sound. You can consider using portable computer speakers if the built-in speakers don’t offer quality, but you will need to spend money in such cases.

Projectors that feature a 10-watt speaker can offer a pleasant experience, and you won’t have to spend money on speakers if you buy such a model. However, you may want to take things up a notch by using a separate speaker system, and if you are planning something like this, it’s important to keep an eye on the connectivity options.

Many projectors are compatible with Bluetooth speakers, and such models offer a lot of flexibility in terms of speaker placement. You can place wireless speakers at any part of the room, which isn’t possible in the case of wired units. If you keep these small things in mind while making the purchase, you will have a good experience in the long run.

Projector Lamp Life

When you spend money on something, you would want it to last, right? Well, no projector can last forever, but some projectors do a better job in the field of durability than others. The unit may not stop working for a long time if you take care of the maintenance part; however, the bulb of the projector will need to be replaced after some time.

You should check the bulb life while buying a projector, as it will play a role in the long run. Some projectors offer a bulb life of 30,000+ hours, and you can go for them without thinking twice. A bulb that offers a lifetime of more than 10,000 hours will serve you for years, even if you use the projector daily. Since projector bulbs aren’t cheap, you shouldn’t compromise in this field.

Throw Distance

A person who has used a projector would know that you can’t place the projector at any position and expect a good output. Throw distance is an important factor to consider while buying a projector, and you will also need to take the measurements of the room where the projector will be installed.

In simple words, throw distance is the distance between the projector lens and the screen, and you will need to find a suitable option for your room. If you take care of this step, you won’t face any issues at the time of installation.

Throw Distance

Keystone and Lens Shift

When you turn on a projector and play a movie, it’s important to adjust the projection of the picture. You are unlikely to face any alignment issues if the model you choose offers keystone correction. By using internal processing, keystone correction adjusts the image to fix alignment issues.

You can also change the position of the image without moving the projector if it offers lens shift capabilities. You will just need to tweak the lens position to fix the alignment issues.


Warranty is an important factor to consider, but you shouldn’t make your decision completely based on it. If your projector comes with a warranty, you won’t have to worry about repair costs during the warranty period. The warranty period may vary from model to model, and you shouldn’t compromise on other important features because of it.


You will find projectors with different price tags while looking for the best 1080 projector under $300, so it’s important to keep your budget in mind. You can find great options at affordable prices, but you should not compromise on the performance of the projector to save money. With proper maintenance, a projector can serve you for years, so you should pick a model that suits your requirements.

You should make a cost-effective investment, and you should keep the bigger picture in mind. Compromising on the performance can prove costly in the long run, and you may have to spend more money to buy a better model. So, it’s better to go with the best option in the first place.

These are the factors that you should consider while looking for a 1080p projector under $300. If you are clear about your needs, it will be easier for you to make a smart investment, as you would know what to look for.

Best 1080p Projector Under $300 Review

YABER V6 Projector

This portable projector is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, as it has a brightness factor of 8000L. You won’t have any complaints about the quality of the picture, as it offers a contrast ratio of 10000:1. It is designed to offer a brighter, sharper, and more colorful image, so you are likely to have a pleasant movie-watching experience. The 4-Point Keystone Correction feature makes it easier to fix alignment issues, and you will be able to project ideally aligned images from different locations.

It is a lightweight projector, so you won’t face issues while carrying it from one location to another. The projector is perfect for giving presentations too, and you can play Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF files using your USB stick. It also offers wireless connectivity options, which means you won’t have to rely on wires. The wireless projection doesn’t support Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu; however, you can use Amazon Fire Stick.

It is compatible with a wide range of devices, and you will get multiple connectivity options too. You will also get to enjoy the benefits of a 3-year repair policy, which means you will have a worry-free experience with the projector. If we look at the features and overall performance of this projector, it is reasonably priced.

  • Multiple connectivity options
  • 4-Point Keystone Correction
  • 10000:1 contrast ratio
  • Lightweight
  • Wireless projection doesn’t support Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector

The first thing that you will notice about this projector is its appealing design. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and you can adjust the image using the remote control. The 4D Keystone Correction feature ensures that the projected image is always a standard rectangle, and you are unlikely to face any alignment issues with this projector. It comes with built-in 3W dual stereo speakers and offers decent sound quality; however, the sound quality could have been better.

The brightness factor of 7000 lumens makes the projector perfect for dark rooms and low light conditions. It offers a contrast ratio of 10000:1, so you won’t have any complaints about picture clarity. The latest SmartEco technology minimizes lamp power consumption and extends the lifetime of the lamp.

The advanced cooling system ensures the silent operation of 3 fans, and the speed of the fans is automatically adjusted to prevent the projector from overheating. Lastly, you can bring your smartphone or MacBook to the big screen by using the Mirroring Function.

  • Brightness factor- 7000 lumens
  • Contrast ratio- 10000:1
  • Advanced cooling system
  • 4D Keystone Correction
  • The sound quality could have been better

Artlii Energon 2 1080P Projector

This projector is designed to offer unmatched picture clarity, and it comes with a contrast ratio of 10000:1. It can accurately express 20 million colors, which means you are likely to have a pleasant experience while watching movies. You will get multiple wired and wireless connectivity options, and the projector is compatible with multiple devices, so you will be able to make full use of it.

With wireless mirroring, you can directly project from your smartphone with ease and enjoy your favorite videos anytime. It is lightweight, so you can easily move it from room to room without facing any issues. With 7000 lux brightness, you will never have to worry about ambient light.

You won’t have any complaints about the sound quality, as the built-in speakers offer quality. However, you can connect it to Bluetooth speakers or headphones if you want. All in all, this projector does a decent job in almost all fields, so you can go for it without worrying about anything.

  • Good sound quality
  • Excellent WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Offers unmatched picture clarity
  • No major problems

JIFAR Native 1080p Projector

If you are looking for the best budget projector, this model is made for you. This projector is available at an affordable price, and it can compete with any other model in the price range when it comes to performance. It offers a contrast ratio of 10000:1 and provides sharp and detailed images. With 9000 lux brightness, this projector will keep you covered in almost all conditions.

It is easy to set up, and anyone can control it without facing any issues. You won’t face any issues in the field of sound quality either, as it comes with built-in 6W dual HiFi stereo speakers. The noise of the fan is a bit high; however, it’s not high enough to affect your experience while watching movies.

The projector weighs just 7.92 pounds, so you won’t face issues while moving it from one point to another. Lastly, you will get to enjoy a 3-year repair policy, which means you can easily get it repaired if required.

  • 9000 lux brightness
  • Easy to set up and control
  • Built-in 6W dual HiFi stereo speakers
  • Provides sharp and detailed images
  • The noise of the fan is a bit high

TOPTRO WiFi Projector

This projector comes with a lamp life of 60,000 hours, which means you won’t have to replace the bulb for years. The projector is available at a low price, so the budget won’t be a big factor. The fan noise is minimum, so you won’t have any complaints in this field. You can connect a wide range of Bluetooth speakers, which means you will be able to place the speaker at the perfect location in the room.

The portable design of this projector makes it easy to carry the unit from one place to another, and it weighs just 2.2 pounds. With a brightness factor of 5500lm and a contrast ratio of 5000:1, you will experience amazing picture clarity.

  • Affordable
  • 60,000 hours lamp life
  • Contrast ratio- 5000:1
  • Portable design
  • None at this price

These are the best 1080p projectors under $300 that you can go with. All these projectors offer good performance, so you are likely to have a pleasant experience with them. However, some may suit you better than others depending upon your needs, so you should make the purchase accordingly.

You should be clear about your needs while making the purchase, as it will help you choose the right projector. But what makes a projector worth the investment? In the next section of this article, we will discuss the factors that you should look for while buying a projector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3200 lumens good for a projector?

Yes, a projector with 3200 lumens will keep you covered in most situations. You can use such models in rooms with bright ambient light as well; however, if you are planning to use the projector in a dark room, 2000 lumens should be sufficient.

Is 3200 lumens good for a projector

Are cheap projectors any good?

Well, you will find good options in all price ranges, and you can go for a budget-friendly projector without thinking twice if it suits your needs. A projector that looks cheap to you may be expensive for someone else, so you should pick the price range according to your budget.

Are 1080p projectors good enough?

There are 4K projectors available on the market, but this doesn’t mean 1080p projectors aren’t good enough. Home users can consider going for a 1080p projector without having any second thoughts, as they offer good picture quality, and you can find appealing options under $300. With the right contrast ratio and brightness factor, a 1080p projector will offer a great movie-watching experience.


We hope you found a suitable option on the list we made, and we were able to help you find the best 1080p projector under $300. When you purchase a projector, you should be clear about your needs because not every model is designed the same.

A high-end projector may look unappealing to you if it doesn’t suit your needs, and a budget-friendly model can do the job if it meets your requirements. You should choose the projector depending upon the intended use. If you pay attention to little details, you will end up with the right projector, and it will serve you for a long time.