Best Headphones for Airplane Travel Under $100

The pursuit of quality headphones with noise reduction capabilities is common among buyers, especially the frequent airplane travelers. The majority of fliers prefer noise-canceling headphones for airplane travel over other varieties. Because, unlike passive headphones, these do not use soundproofing to suppress the surrounding noises. Instead, these devices actively cancel the lower frequency noises, so you can enjoy moments of peace without missing to hear important announcements on airplanes. 

Isn’t it convenient to just plug those wireless headphones in your ears and tune out of the disturbing buzzing and whooshing sounds in the airplane? Travelers find it easier to relax with these noise control headphones that curb ambient noises. The analog technologies these devices employ prevent only high wavelength sounds. It gets you rid of those annoying mechanical sounds and is effective as a sleeping aid. 

In fact, the noise control feature lets you listen to music at lower volumes by filtering any distracting noises. Your ears will thank you once you get your hands on one of these best headphones for airplane travel under 100 dollars.  Without waiting further,let’s get started.

Best Headphones for Airplane Travel Under $100

Factors to Consider When Buying Headphones

Most of these modern wireless headphones are loaded with features that not only bring you an enjoyable and comfortable experience, but also make it difficult to choose the right model to buy. Choosing the best headphones for airplane travel under $100 is easier if you know exactly what to look for.  

There is a variety available on the market to pick from! Generally, you would look for one that has a good sound quality, comfortable, and durable earcups, and long playtime.  Make sure that the product possesses these traits before you buy.

  1. Wireless with a high quality microphone

Once you start using these devices for listening to music, you would rather avoid having to remove them to take calls. So, make sure that these have high-quality microphones allowing you to pick calls and have smooth conversations over wireless Bluetooth headphones.

  1. Lightweight and comfortable

You are probably going to have them plugged in for hours to listen to music, watch flicks, or for some quiet sleep. Having one of those light and soft headphones make long listening comfortable. Adjustable headbands will ensure that these fit perfectly around your head and ears. 

The earpad should feel comfortable against your ears so that it doesn’t cause pain after a time period. Buyers often get sidetracked by other features and forget that comfort should be the top priority while wearing wireless headphones for longer periods.

  1. Performance

Noise reduction, depth, and aperture size are critical to the sound quality experience you get with the headphones.  The headphones you choose should be equipped with drivers to produce high definition music. So, in your quest for the best headphones for airplane travel under 100 dollars , go through the sound specifications and find the most suitable one for your needs, with deep bass and balanced sound. 

The sound quality of headphones typically depends on the driver’s diameter and the frequency of response. Sensitivity ratio is another value to help determine the sound quality. Other than diameter and bass, also look for minimum audio delay time to find the device with the best performance.

  1. Playtime duration

Long playtime hours are the least you can expect from any headphones. The rest of its features are quite worthless without reliable battery life. It can be annoying when the battery abruptly dies during travel. Especially for frequent fliers, long playtime is quite a necessity, or it serves them no purpose to buy the headphones. 

Long hours of travel can be a seamless experience with these noise-canceling headphones for airplane travel. Make sure the playtime for the device is long enough for your particular needs. It can be hugely disappointing to buy a headphone with a battery that drains so fast that it can’t keep up all the way through your travel.

  1. Add-ons

After comparing every feature and weighing the pros and cons of the devices, it’s the add-ons that help you make the final decision, on which product to buy.

It really matters what additional features a headphone has to offer. Because these may really impact the overall experience you get with the device.

Usually, the additional features may be related to the design, the controls, and the unique listening features or capabilities of the bluetooth headphones.

Best Headphones for Airplane Travel Under $100

  1. FMLOVES W02

FMLOVES is no doubt one of the first headphones that comes to mind when fishing for the best headphones for airplane travel under $100. It has most of those key features that travelers would look for in a headphone.

With an operating time of over 20 hours, compact casing, and a truly effective noise cancellation system, it can be placed in the category of the best noise-canceling headphones for sleeping on a plane, or avoiding distracting noises in any environment. Lightweight, comfortable ear pads and flexible ear cups make it suitable for long listening. 

It also offers an impressive audio quality considering the price range. Also, the stereo drivers embedded in this product ensure balanced sound in the complete frequency range. The combination of its effective noise reduction capability and premium HIFI sound makes it a favorite among music lovers.

  1. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

TaoTronics headphones boast of a foldable design with adjustable ear cups and deep, high-resolution sound quality, placing it at one of the top places in the best headphones for airplane travel under $100 category.

For buyers who rely on the headphones for receiving calls at work or during travel, its built-in mic and airplane adapter proves very useful. The ANC technology adds to the enhanced call quality with this product. It implements dual-microphone noise feedback to get better noise reduction results. 

Another advantage for airplane travelers is its 30 hours of playtime, making it a long-lasting companion for you. You can enjoy an extended period of music or fall asleep shielded from noisy distractions. This could be an item to ease your listening needs during long airplane travels or bring you the much-needed peace and quiet in a noisy setting.

  1. Cowin E7

This product comes with a comfortable to wear design, super-soft ear pads, and a battery life that stands the test of time. This headphone also makes it to the list of the best headphones for airplane travel under $100 due to its advanced active noise reduction and high-quality audio experience.

It is packed with controls for ease of functioning. Tuning, call answering, and other ANC on/off controls are all suitably placed on the device for the user’s convenience. 

A deep and accurate bass response contributes to a truly rewarding auditory experience. These come in a wide variety of vivid colors and an appealing skin texture, thus having a catchy appearance. It succeeds in suppressing the ambient noises in the airplane cabin, traffic, or office noises. Advanced active noise control lets you focus easily and listen to music or videos even at a low volume.

  1. Paww WaveSound 3

Paww Wave sound is built keeping the needs of a traveler in mind. It is packed with features that flyers desire, like longer Bluetooth range, rapid latency speed, HI-DEF music reproduction, shareMe function, and so on.

With this product, you get a vast array of voice commands for hands-free control. Besides playing music, and using voice commands, you also get to use google assistant, Siri and follow the latest match scores. 

High-definition sound quality and powerful noise cancellation capabilities make it one of the best headphones for airplane travel under $100. Its compact design makes it foldable and easy to carry on your travels. Another unique benefit it provides is the function to listen together with another person from the same music source. ShareME function makes it possible for you to enjoy the same music with your companion.

  1. Avantree ANC031

This product is designed for those who obsess over the sound quality and desire impeccable audio transmission via Bluetooth. The device promises no audio delay during transmission and achieves noise removal of low frequency sounds like engine and motor noises, and gets you quiet at your home or during travel. 

This device proves worthy to be on the list of the best noise-cancelling headphones for sleeping on a plane. This device gets you rid of the constant traffic noise and stays powered for more than 20 hours. It comes with easy to use controls for volume, call receiving, and other features. This product could be a good option for a budget of $100.


It’s a short but selective list of headphones that frequent travelers love to carry with them. Besides aiding your sleep, these are equipped with modern features to let you enjoy your favorite music in high-quality sound and prevent the distractions of surrounding noises. 

Also, we can conclude that the noise cancellation technology matters the most as it detects the low-frequency distracting sounds and eliminates them. We hope this article helps you to find  the best headphones under $100 without compromising the sound quality and important functions.