RPG Games for Android Phones

RPGs are one of the most played genres. RPGs allow users to get lost in fanciful worlds for some time. That “some time” can get a lot longer if we are talking about those games ported over from PC. Since most of you know what RPGs are, after spending a …

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5 Games like Clash of Clans

5 Best Games like Clash of Clans cover

Since 2013 when Clash of Clans was released for Android and iOS platforms, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular kingdom-building games. The gameplay in COC is simple, you need to build a kingdom and make sure to defend it against online competition. You also need to prepare …

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Android 3D Games

Punch Boxing 3D - Best Android 3D Games 30 Best 3D Games Reviewed

Mobile gaming has improved way too much over the last half decade. The very first games were developed as 2D games such as Solitaire or Angry Birds. However, as technology is going forward now we have 3D games for Android. Lucky for you, we’ve downloaded and tested a huge number …

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Puzzle Games for Android Phones

8 Best Puzzle Games for Android Audience

Puzzle games are maybe the most popular genre ever. This genre has been growing constantly and developers of puzzle games are always creating some games to test our brains. Additionally, puzzle games are very time-killer games which we can easily lose track of time and have fun while playing them. …

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Multiplayer Games for Android

8 Best Android Multiplayer Games Worth Trying

If you are a competitive person and you are a fan of mobile gaming, well, no problem! With android gaming growing every day, now you can play multiplayer games on your smartphone. We have to admit it, playing with a group of people is far more interesting than playing solo. …

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Racing Games for Android Phones

5 Best Racing Games for Android Audience

When it comes to mobile gaming, racing games are one of the best genres around the world. The burst of adrenaline is what makes us keep playing them. So for all the fans of need for speed, our team is going to share with you the top racing games for …

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Gallery Apps for Android Phones

8 Best Gallery Apps for Android Audience

Taking pictures can be fun! If you are using your smartphone to capture unique moments with your friends, family, places, etc. you’ll probably want a gallery app that is fast and easy to use. Sometimes the gallery app that comes with your phone can load images slowly or even stop …

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News Apps for Android Phones

10 Best News Apps for Android Audience

The way of staying on track with the latest news is now more available than ever. Instead of buying the newspaper from the local store or waiting for a TV producer to tell us the latest news now, you can read them on your way home, on your way to …

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Photo Editing Apps for Android

10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Audience

Mobile photo editing is now more popular than ever. That is simply because of the huge improvements made to the smartphone cameras. You’ve probably found yourself in a moment when you don’t like the images you’ve captured even after a dozen of times. Capturing a great picture often requires outstanding …

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Adventure Games for Android

5 Best Adventure Games for Android Audience

For the people who like their spirit wild, adventure games are the best. They don’t fit into one particular genre, so you’ll often find one adventure game in many genres. After playing, reading and analyzing the Google Play Store reviews on many adventure games, our team is sharing amazing collection …

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Wallpaper App for Your Android Phone

Wallpaper App for Your Android Phone - 5 Best Apps Reviewed

Finding the perfect wallpaper for your phone isn’t as hard as it used to be. On this day we have thousand of apps that can do that task for us. A simple Google search can give you results of millions of wallpapers you can choose. Our team in this article …

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Strategy Games for Android Audience

9 Best Strategy Games for Android Audience cover

Stop wasting your precious time in installing over and over different strategy games on your smartphone. We know you are looking the top strategy game available for Android and we are going to help you here. Since the era of the computers we are familiar with the strategy games. Whether …

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Video Editing Apps for Android

10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android Audience

Video editing isn’t how it used to be. Shooting a video from your phone can look great but in order to make it look awesome you might need to edit it just a bit. Editing a video on your smartphone is harder than editing on your computer. Video editing is …

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Music Downloader Apps for Android Review 🎵

Music Downloader for Android - 10 Best Apps Reviewed

Listening to music for many people is a lifestyle hobby. As technology is going forward, downloading songs and listening to them offline is far easier than it was. There are latterly thousands of music downloader for android. But, in order to help you spare some time and searching for the …

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FPS Games for Android Phones

Yes, there are FPS games for android. For all the fans out there of FPS games we are now going to show you the 7 best FPS games for android. First Person Shooter or commonly known as FPS is one of the most popular genres on this day. If you …

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