Why AI Apps are Great Teachers

Technology has always been an essential aspect of human progress. From stones to sticks to smartphones, innovative technological wonders continue to surpass people’s preconceived expectations. And most importantly, it is helping shape up an environment that can transform human civilization.

As the adaptability of artificial intelligence increases, more apps are now offering the same educational insight as traditional classrooms. You can expect AI discourse to attract more conversation between tech experts and teachers in the foreseeable future.

Contrary to misconstrued perception, AI-based apps are science-fact rather than science-fiction. Today, professional educators can use AI apps to head an online digital class. Whether you want to master mathematics or learn to play the piano, there is an AI app for everyone.

Why AI Apps are Great Teachers

Virtual Learning Environment

AI apps can digitize textual information into a visual format that helps learners master a skill faster. Furthermore, learners can have direct access to the same information on multiple electronic devices at any time, and anywhere.

Moreover, AI apps are ideal for students who cannot take traditional in-person classes. Furthermore, AI apps lend a hand to foreign students to take classes or courses that aren’t available in their home countries. In fact, it opens up new windows of opportunities for more learners throughout the world to participate and learn a new skill.

For instance, most AI-based apps can translate content in multiple languages, which helps non-English speaking learners engage on the same level as native English speakers. It is no wonder that AI-based apps have managed to build an interactive online community for learners of all grades and ages in a short span.

Personalized Learning

Several studies prove that customized learning significantly improves the chances of success for a learner. One learner, after all, can view the same information from another learner. And one of the best aspects of AI apps is that it can cater to different students with different learning approaches.

Besides, there’s little to no freedom to personalize your learning experience in a traditional classroom setting. You have to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by your teachers. However, with AI apps, you’re not bound by these rules that may be holding you back to learn a specific skill.

AI apps can now help learners digest an ocean of content more easily. In fact, most apps offer recommendations just as you would receive from an in-person teacher. Most learning AI apps, however, personalize the experience of learners by bearing in mind their strengths and weaknesses.

In the age of data, learners can receive specific and customized feedback to improve performance and learn more effectively.  AI applications can monitor progress and produce meaningful reports for learners. In fact, AI-based apps have become incredibly helpful for learners with disabilities to absorb more information and learn faster.

Smart Content, Smart Learning

Although smart content is already popular among organizations, it has managed to garner the attention of students and teachers. View smart content through the lens of different kinds of virtual content such as video lectures, textbooks, guides, and video conferencing.

AI algorithms can improve the overall learning experience by adding digital content and customizable interfaces that can apply to learners of all grades. As a result, learners’ focus of attention becomes essential topics in the form of text, video, and audio content.

Why AI Apps are Great Teachers

Better Assistance

Traditionally, you may have had to wait for a teacher or professor to come into the classroom and answer your questions. With AI apps, however, you can lift the fog of confusion or doubt anytime. Some AI-powered apps also come with chatbots that offer 24/7 support and assistance to learners. Consequently, round-the-clock assistance allows learners to contextualize relevant answers without waiting hours for the next class to arrive.

Real-Time Assessment

Generally, you have to wait for your results in a traditional classroom environment to arrive. AI learning apps, on the other hand, can generate evaluation reports in seconds. It eliminates the pressure and frustration learners often face in a traditional classroom setting.

Furthermore, it improves the quality of whatever you’re learning and helps you create a more dynamic schedule. Another landmark highlight of AI apps is their ability to make the predictive analysis. AI apps can take a closer look at your learning habits and offer guidance that would be advantageous to you.

There’s little to no limit as to what you can do with AI apps, from taking an online piano lesson, to getting the help of a virtual assistant such as Siri or Cortana. Related: Best Music Making Apps for Android and iPhone


AI is already changing the way people view and understand education. The more availability of AI apps doesn’t necessarily mean they will replace educational institutes or teachers. Instead, it sets a new standard and model for learners to master a skill with more convenience than ever.

The automation of numerous educational tasks like performance evaluation has become easier thanks to artificial intelligence. However, the future of AI-based apps hints at even more revolutionary changes. AI apps are changing the lives of countless students across the globe. More learners can now use online AI-based apps to enjoy a personalized experience and learn anytime and anywhere.