How to Watch Movies on an Android Phone

No one can argue that Android phones and iPhones have taken over people’s lives. There are countless apps that make our everyday lives easier and help us keep up with the fast pace of life. These days there’s an app for literally everything. Your phone can be a cookbook, music player, camera and even a TV. There are many apps that allow you to watch movies on your phone. Android phones have some great Google Play Store apps that make it possible for users to watch movies, TV shows, and similar “TV-like” entertainment.

Buying or Renting Movies

There is, of course, the Play Movies & TV app, that allows you to buy or rent movies and TV shows from the Google Play Store. There you can choose a show to rent or buy a movie you like. The process is very simple, you find the movie or show you want to purchase, select the purchase option and choose your payment method. If you choose to rent an item it will be available for viewing within the next 30 days from your purchase. If you want to watch movies on your smartphone you should check these movie apps.

How to Watch Movies on an Android Phone | appStalkers

Using the YouTube app

YouTube is an internet phenomenon that has provided entertainment for years and its content has evolved to very high-quality productions. YouTube allows for everyone to become a creator, film their own type of short movies and upload them for the world to view. Even you can capture important, funny or everyday moments of your life and upload them for other people to watch or for you to be able to go back and watch your memories. All of this provided on a simple, free app on your Android phone.

The YouTube app has millions and millions of videos. Use the search option to find the content or topic you’d like to watch. You can even find some movies in the app. When you find a creator or a channel whose content you like you can subscribe to them. This way their newest content will always be displayed at the homepage of your app. To do this you need to log into the app with your Google account, this automatically creates your YouTube account. You can use your account to create playlists, view, like and comment content and even create and upload your own content.

Useful Tips for a Better Experience

When using your Android phone to watch movies rotate it horizontally, so you can watch the video in a larger size. Use headphones or even a Bluetooth speaker for a real movies experience. If you’re tired of the small screen and you have a smart TV or an HDMI out port on your phone you can cast your movie on the TV or a monitor. To cast the video you need to connect your devices and click on the small icon that says cast on TV. To connect your phone to an HDMI monitor you need a cable that will make this possible.

Using your Android phone or iPhone to watch movies, TV shows or other video content can make a long wait or a long commute to and from work more fun. There are infinite options for movies and TV shows you can watch and always keep up with them on your phone.

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