6 Parenting Apps to Download Right Now

Parenting is not an easy task. You do not just take care of the child or make sure he eats or sleeps on
time but shape his personality and the person becomes. That said, parenting is an overwhelming
responsibility that needs to be dealt with meticulously. As we look at the current age of technology, parenting children has become partially difficult. It is impossible to abstain your children from the exposure they should not get. Nevertheless, technology has
also proved to be a helping hand to make parenting easy. Want to know how? Well, this article is
dedicated to all the parents looking for more effortless, yet effective approaches for taking care of their

But before we explore the applications, here is a quick reminder that to unlock the full potential of the
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On that note, without further ado, let’s discuss the top 6 parenting applications.

1. Headway

Headway app is the perfect app for parents looking to improve their attitudes and motivations
towards parenting responsibilities. This application provides fifteen-minute audio and video
book summaries of books, daily insights, and more.
You can plan your growth by customizing your preferences. It provides knowledge and insightful
tips to accomplish your parenting goals. Plus, it comes with challenges that comprise competitive drills like ‘Modern Parenting’ to ace parenting skills. Whether you want to improve your efficiency or productivity, nurture healthy relationships, or become a good parent, there is something for your unique needs.

2. Kinedu

Another exceptional app that makes it to our list is Kinedu. It is a baby development app; thus, it
is suitable for parents of children between zero and six. This application provides extensive
guidance on the development of children through diverse learning modules. It comprises one
coaching session and expert-led classes on a wide array of topics related to children's early
development, such as breastfeeding, sleep, live play sessions, science-based play activities, and
so on.
What is more, it includes personalized plans with recommendations for activities along with
video tutorials. You may only benefit from tailored activities based on your baby’s specific needs
and keep track of the development progress.
Also, its chat feature allows you to talk to other parents on the same level or with similar

3. Carol

The next one on our list is a free application that moms throughout their motherhood. It offers
four main features, including connectivity, community, expert advice, and support.
To begin with, it is a handy tool to connect with like-minded parents and share respective
experiences and tips to get help. Moreover, it provides expert advice and expert-led resources
about various aspects of child development.
All in all, The Carol app is a must-have app if you seek quick and impeccable baby-related
support and advice or want to connect with a community of mothers.

4. KidCoach

If you are in a phase of parenthood where it is significant to conduct meaningful conversations
with your children, then you need to download this app. Whether you do not find time or find it
difficult to converse with your child, KidCoach can greatly help.
It is a family bonding app that has over 1000 questions designed to instill skills such as creative
thinking, leadership, and communication. It does not include quiz questions but questions that
foster the ability to speak and express feelings. This app is available on both App Store and
Google Play to download.

5. Joon

Joon is a perfect aid for parents with children with ADHD and related disorders. This app helps
you reduce the power and focus struggles of the child, and ultimately improve their confidence.
This app is designed specifically by child psychologists and therapists to help parents improve
their relationship with their children. This app motivates the children to complete daily tasks
including chores and homework on time. However, it must be noted that this app does not cure
the disorder or provide a solution to the medical problem.

6. Baby Connect

Last but not least, Baby Connect is the perfect app for new or soon-to-be moms. This app helps
with managing and monitoring the child. From baby’s diapers to feeding and sleep to activities,
it helps you oversee all the patterns with weekly reports. Moreover, you can track your baby’s
vaccines, overall health, height, and weight, and can easily email reports to your partner or

Bottom Line

If you are a parent and want to give extra care to your child’s overall well-being, then you need to use
some of the super-effective tools that we have listed in the article. Check out their features and choose
the one that best fits your needs.
Happy parenting!

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