Best 3D Printer for 28mm Miniatures

The era of collectibles is getting more mainstream by the day. What started as a culture of collecting memories a few decades back, has become a decent source of income for many. Miniatures are the most desirable pieces of artistic expression   in this world. But times have changed, and you don’t need a company to create these detailed pieces of art. We now live in the era of 3D printing and it’s more accessible than ever. If you are into skirmish games, a 28mm miniature is probably what your heart desires.

If you search the web looking for the best 3D printer for 28mm miniatures, you might end up more confused than educated. We are here to help you understand what you should expect of  a 3D printer while choosing one. We will clear the clutter and guide you towards our curated list of the best 3D printers money can buy.

Best 3D Printer for 28mm Miniatures Review

Know Your 3D Printer

  1. DIY vs Pre-assembled

Don’t you just get excited when a new delivery arrives? We’re all ready to unwrap and start the fun. But your creative journey with the best 3D printer for 28mm miniatures might take longer than you hoped.

If you are a true blue 3D printing nerd, you might appreciate the DIY assembly approach to your new 3D printer. It would be thrilling for you to understand how the technology works in unraveling the magic of these 28 mm miniatures. Just be careful while assembling. Don’t break or lose any pieces.

For those who are just in it for the art, pre-assembled is the way to go. It is recommended that the newly initiated go for the pre-assembled printers.

  1. Speed

The world of 3D printing is very different from 2D printing when you consider time. An average 3D printer will make the archaic dot matrix printer look like a flash. We might be a few years away from achieving such speed, but we still have relatively fast 3D printers today. 

The speed of the printing is affected by factors like temperature, design, and the type of filament being used. If you are a full-time professional artist, the best 3D printer for you will be the fastest one. On the other hand, if you are an enthusiast, you can just put it on printing while you go to work or sleep. In the end, it is all about the details.

  1. Software compatibility

You might think that being the best 3D printer for 28mm miniatures is the most important factor for a flawless creation. But the 3D printer itself comes mid-way in the process. It all starts with the software. There are numerous software out there, both free and paid. Some are meant for professionals and some are for amateurs. 

For a first-time buyer or even someone looking for a change, switching software can be a real bummer. Also, your 3D printer must not limit you from trying out new software. Buying a printer that is compatible with different types of software makes you future-ready.

  1. Filaments

If the world is your canvas and the 3D printer your pen, the filament is your ink. The cost of 3D printing miniatures is also affected by the cost of the filament. ABD filament creates heat- resistant prints but also releases a noxious vapor while printer PLA creates accurate prints. However, it is sensitive to heat post creation. 

Woodfill PLA can be given a wooden finish and metal fill PLA can be polished to give a metal finish. As time passes, a creator wants to diversify the kind of miniatures they create. This is why it makes a lot of sense for many to go with a 3D printer that can handle many types of filament. If you choose the wrong 3D printer, your creativity could be restrained in the long run.  

  1. Bed size

The platform on which the design is built in a 3D printer is called Bed Size. If you are looking for the best 3D printer for 28mm miniatures, most on our list will suffice. But, once you enter the world of 3D printing, your imagination starts to run. People want to move ahead and create more and more things. Limiting yourself to a bed that can create only 28mm miniatures could be a mistake in the long term.

A cheap 3D printer often costs much more in time. You can always break down the design and print it. Then assemble it when it’s all done. But more pieces mean complication. With a larger bed and fewer pieces to assemble, you can save valuable printing time.

Best 3D Printer for 28mm Miniatures Review

  1. Creality Ender 3

If you are one part creator, one part engineer, and all-in-all a mega 3D printing geek, Creality is the printer for you. Beginners are warned, a substantial amount of assembly will go into this printer. If you have ever assembled Ikea furniture, it should not be an issue. Just follow the instructions. It comes with all the tools needed for the assembly, so you don’t have to make a trip to the hardware store.

Even the best 3D printer for 28mm miniatures can also give disastrous results during a power outage. Even a few seconds can render the model useless. The resume print technology is a real lifesaver. This technology ensures that the control board records the exact position of the extruder. The process will resume exactly where it stopped. The cost of 3D printing miniatures can go up substantially if you have to reprint the same model.

  1. ANYCUBIC Photon S

This is one of the top picks for the beginners. The Photon 3D printer is mostly pre-assembled when it’s delivered to you. You can do the minimal assembly and then start printing. Different creators have different printing material preferences. For many, the resin is the best choice. The Photon S is touted by many, as one of the best resin printers for 28mm miniatures. The printer bed is perfectly created to create 28mm miniatures.

The most important part while printing miniatures is the details. No one likes a generic miniature that could easily look like anything else. The upgraded UV lighting provides much more details than its competition. The texture of the features and clothes are very well rendered. The dual Z-axis rail provides much-needed stability. The detailing and stability make it one of the best 3D printers for 28mm miniatures in its class.

  1. LulzBot Mini Desktop

3D printers, as desirable and cool as they are, often take a lot of maintenance. Nevertheless, you can minimize the hassle to a great degree with the Lulzbot mini. The auto-clean nozzle always keeps the flow of the filament steady. This results in clean flawless designs. 

The printer bed is also easy to maintain on the PEI print surface. No spending hours, trying to scrape off the residue left by the last creation. If not done properly, it will leave traces in the fresh design. The auto-bed leveling ensures that you don’t end up with a lopsided design.

The extruder comes with an all-metal LulzBot Hexagon hot end. This ensures a wide range of temperatures ranging from 120°C to 300°C. This allows for multiple filament options and a printing speed of 10.8 in/sec. This is a truly dynamic 3D Printer compatible with most of the leading software.

  1. Sindoh 3DWOX 1

The next one is for the indulgent. If you want to take your 3D printing game to the next level, this is the one. As far as the price goes, it is on the higher side, but it is worth every penny. If you want precision and detail in your models, 3DWOX is one of the best 3D printers for 28mm miniatures. The scraping that follows the finishing of the model feels a lot like doing the dishes after making a meal. Just twist the flexible metal bed plate and off come all the ‘leftovers’.

If you make a lot of 3D printed miniatures, the residual dust from the printing can become a real safety hazard. The HEPA filter fitted in the 3DWOX effectively trapped the finest of dust particles. Ultimately, the best 3D printer is a safe 3D printer.

This printer also liberates you from the hassles of ‘threading’ the filament with its fully automated loading system. With its precision and automation, it will substantially reduce the cost of 3D printing miniatures in the long run. It practically pays for itself.

  1. Monoprice Mini Delta

People often shy away from their passion for 3D printed miniatures because of the price of a printer. But, don’t mistake a cheap 3D printer for a bad one. If you choose the right one, it can do wonders. This is why the Mini Delta is our pick of a budget 3D printer. Another great news for the beginners, the delta comes fully assembled. You can get it printing immediately.

Bed leveling can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. The auto-calibration makes sure that you will never have to bother with bed leveling. It gives the same wide range of temperature as any top of the line 3D printer will provide. You can start with a wide variety of filaments and see what works best for you. It is a great product to enter the game.


If you have imagined dwelling in the world of 3D printed miniatures, it is more accessible than you imagined. You can keep buying miniatures that thousands of others own. Or you can get out there and build something truly unique.

The best 3D printer for 28mm miniatures needs to be consistent, easy to use, and detail oriented. We have options in abundance, laid out for you. What are you waiting for? Just get started with 3D printing.

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