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Best Free iPhone Games You Can Play in 2020

Shadowgun Legends - Best Free iPhone Games You Can Play in 2020

With such an extensive range of apps available on the Apple App Store, the gaming options on the iPhone are almost unlimited. However, finding a game of your choice that costs nothing is rarely so simple. Not every game on App Store is worth your time or your money. Let’s …

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Best Upcoming PS4 Games in 2020 Review

Resident Evil 3 - Best Upcoming PS4 Games in 2020 Review

Since the PS4 was released back in 2013, thousands and thousands of games were developed for it. Even though we are getting closer to the release of next gaming consoles, there are many people who are still looking forward to playing games on their PS4 console. As we mentioned earlier, …

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8 Online Games You Can Play While Stuck At Home

Are you sick of being stuck at home? Do you crave social interaction or mental stimulation? Online games are a perfect tool to pass the time and distract you from your cabin fever. The internet is full of online game choices. Do you want to play a classic card game …

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Best Zombie Games for Android Phones

Killing zombies is fun, right? Well, for all those searching to get some quality zombie action, you’ve come to the right place. In this article appStalkers is going to share with you the best zombie games for Android. Quit installing and uninstalling zombie games and spare some time. The zombie …

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Best Fighting Games for Android

8 Best Fighting Games for Android Audience

When it comes to fighting games for android, this genre may not be one of the most popular genres anymore. Unlike the sports and action genres, here you have fewer options available. However, for all the fans out there of fighting games, appStalkers is going to share an amazing collection …

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Best Soccer Games for Android Phones

Almost every one of us has watched a soccer game. If you are a fan of soccer and you are looking to expand your experience, you probably want to try a soccer game on your smartphone. Considering you are reading this article you are a fan of soccer. As the …

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Best Car Games for Android

Car games are quite fun. Not to mention that racing games have the best graphics when it comes to mobile gaming. There are different car games on the market available. Some are racing, others are puzzles and some games are simulations. So if you are a fan of car games …

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Best Shooting Games for Android Phones

If you are looking for some action, you probably want to read this article. This is mainly because you can’t get more action than you can get from shooting games. Some shooting games are third person shooter, others are first person shooter where in both you have tons of bullets, …

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Best Sports Games for Android

6 Best Sports Games for Android Audience Worth Your Precious Time cover

Unlike other genres, sports games still have hard time keeping up with other genres when it comes to quality. The sad part is that even in 2018 we have only a few quality sports games to keep entertained all the fans of sports. The most disappointing part is that most …

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Best Android Horror Games

5 Best Android Horror Games Worth Getting Scared

For all the lovers of horror movies, our team is sharing an amazing collection of the 5 best android horror games. At first we’ve all enjoy watching scary movies, but as technology is going forward, now we can enjoy playing them! It’s pretty hard finding scary games for android, but …

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Best RPG Games for Android Phones

RPGs are one of the most played genres. RPGs allow users to get lost in fanciful worlds for some time. That “some time” can get a lot longer if we are talking about those games ported over from PC. Since most of you know what RPGs are, after spending a …

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5 Best Games like Clash of Clans

5 Best Games like Clash of Clans cover

Since 2013 when Clash of Clans was released for Android and iOS platform, Clash of Clans is one of the most popular kingdom building games. The gameplay in COC is simple, you need to build a kingdom and make sure to defend it against online competition. You also need to …

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🥇 Best Android 3D Games | 30 Best 3D Games Reviewed

Punch Boxing 3D - Best Android 3D Games 30 Best 3D Games Reviewed

Mobile gaming has improved way too much over the last half decade. The very first games were developed as 2D games such as Solitaire or Angry Birds. However, as technology is going forward now we have 3D games for Android. Lucky for you, we’ve downloaded and tested a huge number …

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Best Puzzle Games for Android Phones

8 Best Puzzle Games for Android Audience

Puzzle games is maybe the most popular genre ever. This genre has been growing constantly and developers of puzzle games are always creating some games to test our brains. Additionally, puzzle games are a very time-killer games which we can easily lost track of time and have fun while playing …

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Best Android Multiplayer Games

8 Best Android Multiplayer Games Worth Trying

If you are a competitive person and you are a fan of mobile gaming, well, no problem! With the android gaming growing everyday, now you can play multiplayer games on your smartphone. We have to admit it, playing with a group of people is far more interesting than playing solo. …

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