How Can You Upload an iMovie Video to YouTube

Have you been struggling to find the best choice of an app that will allow you to make a compact video, with all the features you need? Have you been downloading different apps, but none seems like the right choice? Or it is a good choice but uploading videos on YouTube is so complicated? We have the solution for you!

With apps popping up every day, no question that you are confused. Happily, Apple has released one of the best apps there. So, the first choice for you should be iMovie. Here in this article, we will present this app, and luckily for you, we will cover also how to upload an iMovie to YouTube. If you want to make memorable moments shareable, if you would like to share special videos that will be made for any occasion, or maybe you want to make a trailer with a customized theme, then choose iMovie.

This app is good for beginners, but you can also use it if you are a professional. The best thing is that is free. No premium versions or so. The only downside is that not everyone can download iMovie since this app can operate only on iPhone or on Mac.

So because of that, apart from presenting this app, we will present characteristics of other apps as well, which can be also much applicable if you don’t have access to Mac or iPhone. If you choose to take us on our word, but still hesitating a bit because you don’t know how to upload iMovie to YouTube. Do you probably think it’s complicated? Please keep reading, and you will be surprised.

How Can You Upload an iMovie Video to YouTube?

From your iPhone

How to upload iMovie to YouTube from your iPhone? When uploading a video on YouTube from your iPhone, first of all, of course, is downloading the app from the app store, then just get busy with your content. You can simply create a video in iMovie by combining just photos, photos with videos, or combining just videos. After that comes the fun part, where you can enjoy playing with filters and themes, effects, and soundtracks.

Before uploading the video don’t forget to customize the video description, tags, and resolution. And finally, for these amazing projects to show on your YouTube channel, just go to your profile, choose the option Your data in YouTube, click the plus that is down in the middle of the new window, and upload the video.

And last but not least, you should decide on privacy when creating a video. You can choose one of the options: unlisted, private, or public. Each option has a different public reach. You can make the video available for people who have the link, show it just to people you choose to show it or decide to be visible to everyone.

How Can You Upload an iMovie Video to YouTube

From your Mac

How to upload iMovie to YouTube from your Mac? The way that this app works on your Mac is a bit different. Hereafter the iMovie project is done, you chose the option export. This option is situated on the right, where you should simply select the YouTube icon. Another way that this operation can be done is going through the Menu File, then Share, and after that, you click on the YouTube option.

These steps lead you to the next window, where you choose resolution,  explain the purpose of the video in the description, settings, categories, and privacy and you are ready to go! However, since iMovie can be used on iPhone and Mac only, here are some suggestions for Windows OS users, that can be downloaded in order to make great videos:

Best Alternatives for Windows OS


Movavi can be used on Mac and also on Windows OS. It is the best alternative with similar functionalities. There are great effects packages, backgrounds, filters…Also, there you can make a slideshow of photos, an option that is not available in iMovie.

Or VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is also a good alternative to iMovie, but it is not a good decision if you take it just for the basic features. Still, it is a good choice if you are making reaction videos or tutorials with elegant filters. So you have an iPhone or Mac, and you want to create unique videos. What are you waiting for? Go to the app store and download the iMovie awesome app!

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