How To Clean Keycaps

The computer, whether personal or laptop, has long been an integral part of everyday life. The chance of getting into a home or office without at least one of these devices is almost impossible. Their frequent use inevitably causes their pollution, either due to the accumulation of dust in hard-to-reach places or as a result of the mass habit of eating in front of the monitor. The keys and the space between them are among the most affected in this regard. That’s why in this article we reveal how to protect your keyboards and how to clean keycaps.

How To Clean Keycaps

How To Clean Keycaps

The truth is that we are not always aware of the extent to which our keyboard is dirty. According to some studies, the microbes on it exceed those in the toilet bowl in large numbers.

Before new civilizations of microbes have developed around and under the keys, feuding over another lost piece of chocolate, it is advisable to clean it. Thus we increase the hygiene, the keys obey us with ease and the aesthetics are there.

Prepare the computer before cleaning

Before proceeding with any cleaning of the keyboard, make sure that the laptop is disconnected, including from the main port. Any USB side devices must also be removed, be sure to remove the discs as well. It is also time to mention that there are several tools you can use to deal with accumulated pollution.

Compressed air

If you decide to go the easy way and not remove the keys from the keyboard, you can clear the gaps between them with the help of a box of compressed air.

Keep in mind that a stream of compressed air may contain harmful impurities, so be careful when handling the can. Just tilt it at an angle and direct the flow of compressed air between the keys at a distance of 4-6 cm from the keyboard. You can tilt the entire computer so that all the dust and debris under the buttons are better removed. Just be careful not to drop the laptop.

Cleaning brush

If you do not have a box of compressed air, use a brush to clean the laptop keyboard. Tilt the computer and clean up any debris that has accumulated in the slots between the buttons. Turn the laptop upside down and shake it over the bin to dispose of junk from the keyboard. Be careful not to drop the computer. After removing the larger dirt, wipe each key with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Basic Keyboard Cleaners

Basic Keyboard Cleaners

Keyboard cleaning wipes

If you are wondering how to clean keycaps fast, use special wipes for this. You can find antibacterial wipes for cleaning laptops in any specialty computer store. Use them to clean your keyboard, and you can combine them with a detergent, which you can also ask at the store.

Compressed air spray for cleaning the keyboard

Another tool that can be easily found on the market is a spray with compressed air for cleaning the keyboard. It has a thin tube so that it can handle the hard-to-reach places. Through it, the air comes out under pressure and literally “blows out” the dirt.

USB vacuum cleaner

Since we are not experts in technology and electronics, most of us are probably wondering how to clean keycaps without removing them.

Another salvation is the compact USB vacuum cleaner for cleaning the keyboard. Most models support USB ports 1.1 and 2.0, and for better visibility have a built-in flashlight. Crumbs, hair, and dust capitulate to this small but useful device.

Keyboard cleaning gel

An interesting and easy way to clean the keyboard is to use a gel. It is soft and easy to handle. Just place it on the desired area, press, and pull. The dirt quickly sticks and is removed, and no abrasion is needed after using the gel, as no traces remain.

Important Areas and Issues When Cleaning Your Keyboard

Cleaning under the keyboard

If you are an expert in the field, we can hardly tell you the news that the entire keyboard of the laptop can be removed. Once you do this, you may be surprised at how much dirt has accumulated under it. Clean with antibacterial wipes or with wipes dipped in detergent. Dry carefully and return the keyboard.

Cleaning under separate keys

When it happens that individual keys become difficult to move, this probably means that you need to clean them more thoroughly. You can remove the affected keys one by one with a straight screwdriver. You do not need to press hard, with light pressure the key should pop out on its own. Then clean it with an ear stick and detergent, do the same with the place under the key. When everything is well dried, put the keys back in place.

How to protect the keyboard from dirt?

Often the question is not only how to clean the keyboard, but also how to protect it. Regular cleaning of the keyboard is one of the prerequisites for it to function well, as well as to be safe from a hygienic point of view.

If you do not have the opportunity to take care of it often, you can keep it clean for a longer time by using a protector. Silicone keyboard protectors are very convenient, which are available in different variants and sizes in specialty stores.


The laptop keyboard is a magnet for food, crumbs, and random stains, it is also one of the most touched surfaces in the house. That is why it is important to know how to clean keycaps and to do it regularly.

For cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner or cloth soaked in laptop cleaner to wipe the keycaps and the main part of the keyboard. Just make sure nothing gets on the keys, as this can cause damage. If you are trying to clean between the keys, use a dusting cloth or cotton to deal with hard-to-reach places. The best advice we can give you here is to clean and protect your keyboard regularly to make using it a pleasure for you.

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