Best Projector Under $200

Watching movies with your friends and family can be a great way of spending quality time. Well, a projector can take your viewing experience to a whole new level, and you can get a cinema theater feel at home. You can also enjoy action-packed games to make the experience more pleasant, but you will need to choose the right projector to get the desired output.

When it comes to buying a projector, you will find several options on the market, but not all of them are worth the investment. Things can get harder when you are on a budget, as you will have to find a suitable option without spending a lot of money. Well, if you are on a fixed budget and want to buy a projector without compromising on the performance, you have come to the right place.

We have shortlisted some products to help you buy the best projector under $200. We are going to review each product one by one, and you can choose the projector that suits you the most. After reading this article, you will know which projector to go with.

What to Consider while Buying a Projector


The resolution of the projector you choose is going to play a big role in the long run. If you choose a projector with a higher resolution, the quality of the picture will be good, as a higher resolution means more image detail. Resolution is described in PPI (pixels per inch), and it refers to how many pixels are displayed per inch of an image. Higher resolutions offer more pixel information, as there are more pixels per inch.

A projector that offers 1080p resolution can do the job for you; however, there are 4K projectors on the market that offer much better image quality. As the resolution increases, the size of each pixel decreases, which makes the image look seamless. Read more: Best 4K Projector Under $2000 Review

Most projectors come with a fixed resolution system; however, some offer different resolution options to allow the user to change the resolution depending upon the needs. Many 1080p projectors these days also work with 4K source videos, but they don’t offer the same level of quality as a dedicated 4K projector.

You should choose the resolution that suits your requirements, but you should keep in mind that the price of the unit will also increase with the increase in resolution. If you are clear about your resolution needs, you can save money by choosing the right option.

Best Projector under $200


All projectors offer enough light output for users to enjoy a video or presentation in a dark room, but not all projects perform well in bright conditions. Brightness is an important feature to consider while buying a projector, as there is no point in spending money on a unit that doesn’t suit your requirements. You should be clear about the location where you are going to use it, and you should choose a model that offers good performance in that location.

The brightness or light intensity of a projector is measured in ANSI lumens, and you should check it before making the purchase. You will find different brightness options in all price ranges, so it’s better to check out a few products and choose the one that offers the best performance.

For daytime use, you will need a projector with 3000+ lumens. On the other hand, if you are planning to use the projector at night time, a model with 1000 lumens will do the job for you. Fortunately, you can find projectors with 3000+ lumens under $200, which means you won’t have to worry about the budget.


You should pay close attention to the contrast ratio while making the purchase, as it describes the difference in the brightness of black and white. In simple words, for a contrast ratio of 5000:1, the brightest point is 5000 times brighter than the darkest point. In such a case, you will be happy with the depth of the image, and most projects on the market today offer this kind of contrast ratio. However, things can vary depending upon the price range you choose. If you are ready to spend more than $100, you can easily find appealing options.

The contrast ratio also affects the clarity of an image, so you should never compromise in this field. If you are planning to use the projector in daylight, the contrast ratio won’t play a big role; however, things will be different when you use it in dark conditions. It is important for home cinema projectors, as they have to create deep blacks. So, you should make the purchase depending upon the application of the projector.

Compatibility and connectivity

It’s 2021, and we all use multiple smart devices every day. People use smartphones, tablets, PC, MAC, PS4, and many other devices, and you should be able to connect the projector with the device you use. Most projectors on the market today are compatible with a wide range of devices; however, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention in this field. You won’t be able to make full use of a projector that isn’t compatible with multiple devices. In the same way, you will also have to keep an eye on the connectivity options while making the purchase.

When it comes to connectivity, you get multiple options, which brings in a lot of flexibility for users. Many projectors these days offer wireless connectivity, which makes things easier. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy an HDMI-ready projector, as you can expect better sound and picture quality in such cases. Some projectors also support wireless mirroring for iOS and Android systems, which makes things even better.

Lifetime of the projector lamp

When you spend money on something, you should be clear about its lifetime. No projector will serve you forever, but you can expect better performance in the field of durability by investing in a high-quality model. The bulb of a projector is one of the most expensive parts, and you will have to replace it at some point in time. The good thing is that you can have an idea about the lifetime of the bulb before buying the projector.

Some projectors come with 50,000 hours of bulb life; however, things will vary from model to model. Your projector should offer at least 10,000 hours of bulb life, and if you are planning to use it every day, the number should be even higher. You wouldn’t want to replace an expensive part every other month, right? So, make sure to keep this factor in mind while looking for the best projector under $200.

Lifetime of the projector lamp - Best Projector under $200

Throw distance

The distance between the projector lens and the screen is known as throw distance. This distance determines where the projector will be installed in a room depending upon the location of the screen. This means throw distance is going to play a big role when it comes to using the projector, so you should take the measurements of the room before making the purchase.

To get the best quality, you will need to place the projector in the room depending upon its throw distance, and the installation will be planned accordingly. If you are clear about the requirements depending on the size of the room, it will be easier for you to choose the right option.


Before watching any movie or playing a game, you will need to adjust the projection of the picture. If the projector and screen aren’t in alignment, things won’t look right, as the image will appear lopsided. Most projectors offer keystone correction; however, some offer only lens shift capabilities. Keystone correction adjusts the image to get the right shape by using internal processing, but the quality is slightly degraded.

Lens shift allows users to tweak the lens position, which allows them to compensate for the loss of alignment. Such features make the installation process easy, as users have the flexibility to change the position of the image without having to move the projector.

Built-in speakers

Can you rely on a projector’s built-in speakers? Well, there is no fixed answer to this question, as things will vary depending upon the intended use of the speaker. A projector that features a 10-watt speaker will keep you covered in most situations; however, you can get better performance by investing in a separate sound system. Many mid-range and budget-friendly speakers come with 1-watt or 3-watt built-in speakers and don’t offer the best sound quality. The projectors that come with high-end built-in speakers usually cost more, which can create budget issues for some people.

In such a case, even portable computer speakers will do a better job, and it would be better to spend money on them. But if you aren’t satisfied with the sound quality of the projector, you should look for connectivity options before making the purchase.

Some projectors allow users to connect speakers using Bluetooth technology, which makes things easier, as there are no wires involved. Moreover, the speaker can be placed in a distant position to get the best experience. On the other hand, if the projector doesn’t offer wireless connectivity, you will need to place the speaker near it, and the experience would be much different.

Built-in speakers - Best Projector under $200


You will find options at different prices while looking for the best projector under $200. The price of a projector depends upon different factors like resolution, brightness, and contrast.

You should never compromise on the overall quality and performance of the projector for money because you won’t be satisfied with the experience if the performance of the unit isn’t up to the mark. However, this doesn’t mean you should buy an expensive unit without looking at its features.

The projector that you buy should be reasonably priced, and it should offer good performance as well. If you invest in the right model according to your requirements, you won’t feel the need to replace it in the future. On the other hand, if you buy a poor quality unit, you may end up replacing it with a better projector after some time, and it won’t prove to be a cost-effective purchase. So, make sure to invest your money in a projector that fits well according to your needs.

So, these are some factors that you should keep in mind while buying a projector. If you have read this article carefully until now, it will be easier for you to make the right purchase. We have considered all these factors while reviewing these projectors, so you can rely on us while choosing an option.

Best Projector Under $200 Review

DR. J Professional Mini Projector

This mini projector offers 1080p support and comes with a 100-inch portable projector screen in the package. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use, which means you can enjoy movies with your close ones in the yard as well. It is compatible with a wide range of devices including TV, laptops, PCs, tablets, Chromebook, smartphones, and Blue-ray DVD players.

It offers a contrast ratio of 2000:1, which is amazing considering the price range. You won’t have to spend money on the bulb every other month as it offers a lamp lifetime of 40,000 hours. It will last for years even if you use it daily.

The projector offers the latest dual-fan cooling technology and runs silently, which makes things even more appealing. It is lightweight and weighs just 3 pounds, so you won’t face any issues while carrying it to the yard or some other place. If you want to save money without compromising on picture quality and durability, this is a great option to go with.

  • Resolution- 1280*720p
  • Lamp lifetime- 40,000 hours
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Runs silently
  • Not recommended for business presentations

TOWOND Projector

If durability is what you are looking for, this is the best projector for you in the price range. The lamp offers a lifetime of 50,000 hours, which means it will serve you for several years. It supports wireless mirroring for iOS and Android systems, and this is what we liked the most about this projector. You can play a video in the background using TV projection and do any other task on the phone, which brings in a lot of flexibility.

It has a brightness factor of 7000 lumens, which makes it perfect for outdoor use. It offers a contrast ratio of 8000:1 and enables you to watch HD movies at home. Another great thing about this projector is that it comes with built-in 5W Bluetooth speakers and offers excellent sound quality. You won’t have to invest in speakers separately, as it is loud enough for outdoor use.

The design of the projector could have been better; however, it doesn’t affect the performance of the unit. All in all, it is a value for money deal, so you can go for this projector without thinking twice.

  • Built-in 5W Bluetooth speakers
  • Lamp lifetime- 50,000 hours
  • Brightness- 7000 lumens
  • Contrast ratio- 8000:1
  • The design could have been better

Bomaker WiFi Mini Projector

If you are looking for the best projector for gaming, this is a great option to go with. This projector is designed to offer amazing picture quality, and it can take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Enhanced Gaming Mode reduces input lag, and you will not experience any video or audio delay while enjoying your favorite games.

With a 1920*1080p resolution and a 9000:1 contrast ratio, you can enjoy HD movies with your loved ones. The projector does an outstanding job in the field of durability and offers an LED lamp life of 100,000 hours. If we look at the overall performance of this projector, it is reasonably priced.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Enhanced Gaming Mode to reduce input lag
  • LED lamp life of 100,000 hours
  • None at this price

TOPTRO WiFi Projector

This WiFi projector allows users to mirror movies, photos, games, and videos on smartphones to the big screen without using cables. You can connect the projector with a wide range of Bluetooth speakers and headphones; however, the Bluetooth function doesn’t work with smartphones. You will be happy with the image quality, as it offers a contrast ratio of 5000:1 and a brightness factor of 5500 lumens.

With a lamp life of 60,000 hours, you will be able to use this projector for years without replacing the bulb. Its portable and lightweight design makes it very easy to carry, and it is ideal for both home or outdoor use.

  • Lightweight
  • Good image quality
  • Decreased fan noise by 30% than ordinary projectors
  • The Bluetooth function doesn’t work with smartphones

Crenova LED Projector

This full HD projector supports real-time mirroring to enjoy your favorite movies and games on a larger screen. It offers a 60,000-hour lamp life and a 3-year lamp replacement policy, which means you will have a worry-free experience with it. It comes with a 1920*1080p resolution and 7000:1 contrast ratio, so you are unlikely to have any complaints about image quality.

With a brightness factor of 7000 lumens, this projector can easily compete with any other model in the price range. It is designed to protect the viewers from eye-strain, which is a great feature. Lastly, the efficient cooling system prevents the projector from overheating, and won’t have to face noise issues, as it works quietly.

  • 3-year lamp replacement policy
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Brightness- 7000 lumens
  • Not recommended for large business presentations

So, these are the options that you can go with if you are looking for the best projector under $200. Each of these projectors is worth the investment, but some options may suit you more than others depending upon your needs. There is a range of specifications and features that make a projector unique and different from other models. Not every projector is designed the same, and the price range also varies depending upon the features.

When it comes to buying a projector, it becomes important to keep some important factors in mind. If you pay attention to every little detail while choosing an option, you will be happy with the performance of the projector, and you won’t feel the need to replace it. In the next section of this article, we will discuss some important things that you should consider while buying a projector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a projector a good investment?

In short, yes, a projector can prove to be a good investment, and you can even buy one for everyday use. People have been using projectors to give presentations, watch movies, and enjoy games for a long time now, and newer models have a lot to offer. You can enjoy movies on big screens, and many projectors also allow wireless mirroring for iOS and Android systems.

How much should you spend on a projector?

You will find good quality projectors in different price ranges, and you can pick the best option depending on your requirements. Some high-end projectors are available above the price of $1500; however, you can find decent options under $200 too. If you want to make a budget-friendly purchase, you can choose any projector we have reviewed in this article.

How long do projectors last?

When it comes to durability, things depend on the overall quality of the projector you choose. The lifetime of a projector will depend on how you use it, and how you take care of the maintenance part. However, you can’t do anything about the bulb, and it will need to be replaced at some point in time. Some projectors offer 50,000 hours of bulb life, and such models are perfect for everyday use too.


We hope you liked this article, and we were able to help you find the best projector under $200. In this article, we reviewed the best projectors available in the budget section, and we also discussed some factors that you should consider while buying a projector. A projector can be a long-term investment, so you should go with a model that meets all your requirements. With the right projector, you can enjoy action-packed movies and games every day.