How to Fix Laptop Power Jack without Soldering

We can work from anywhere, at any time, thanks to the laptops. From the daily assignments of a student to the business meetings of a businessman, laptops help us in almost every field. But the laptops, like every other machine, are vulnerable to technical faults.

Suppose you are working on something important, and your laptop shows a low battery. You hurry to plug in the charger but wait what? It doesn’t work. Well, it might be happening due to various faults like the faulty charger cable, connector, or dc jack in your laptop.

But how can you be sure that the issue isn’t with your laptop or charger? Well, you have landed on the right page. This article will answer all your questions. In the case of a broken jack, we will also talk about how to fix laptop power jack without soldering. With no further ado, let’s get started.

Causes of Faulty Power Jack

The most common cause is a lack of reinforcement within the casing and motherboard structure. As a result, when you insert the plug, it is unable to withstand the stress. Some components of a laptop begin to loosen over time. It can happen after 1-2 years of normal use or sooner if you use your computer for a long time.

The jack can loosen if the power plug jerks. When the charger is dropped or the charger wire is drawn, this occurs. Such scenarios can be created by people, vacuum cleaners, or even pets. We’ve discovered that the power jack on some laptop models isn’t properly soldered.

How to Fix Laptop Power Jack without Soldering

How to Fix Laptop Power Jack without Soldering

It is sometimes physically visible from the outside. Your laptop charger port is likely broken if the charging pin does not fit correctly inside the dc jack, if the center pin is broken (if available), or if it is wobbling.

Check the battery of your laptop

  • Take your laptop’s battery out.
  • Remove the battery from the charger and plug it in.
  • Check to see if your laptop works because it is powered by AC power.
  • The power jack isn’t always the cause of the issue. It’s possible that your laptop’s battery is defective. Simply remove the battery and plugin your power adapter to see if the problem is with the battery.
  • Your device will not be able to run without a constant supply of power if it does not have a battery.
  • If you plug your power adapter into an outlet and expect it to work, you will be cutting off your laptop’s power supply, causing it to shut down.

Check your power adapter

  • Connect your AC adapter to a power outlet.
  • Put the multimeter in DC mode and set the voltage to 20V.
  • Touch the metal parts of the AC adapter connector with the multimeter leads.
  • The reading on your multimeter should be close to the reading on your AC adapter.
  • Before you attempt to repair your power jack, make sure your AC adapter isn’t malfunctioning. A multimeter, for those who don’t know, is a device that measures voltages.

Now that everything is fine, let’s learn how to fix laptop power jack without soldering.

Open the case of your laptop - How to Fix Laptop Power Jack without Soldering

Possible problems

  • The internal pin of the power jack is broken.
  • The entire jack has been damaged.
  • When connected, the DC-in jack produces a spark and becomes hot.
  • The laptop’s DC jack was removed.
  • The connection between the jack and the circuit on the motherboard has been burned.
  • While connecting the charger pin, the pins on the laptop jack wobble on the motherboard, and so on.

Open the case of your laptop

  • Unscrew the case of your laptop with a screwdriver.
  • Remove the battery, RAM, and storage from the system.
  • Check for any remaining screws that are holding your case in place.
  • Examine the power jack when you open your case.
  • Remove the power jack from its designated socket and replace it with pressure.
  • Reassemble your laptop with care, screwing everything back in place.

It’s dangerous to disassemble and fiddle with the components of your laptop on your own. Only take matters into your own hands if you are well-versed in the subject of laptops. If you don’t have enough experience, hire a professional. This is the last resort before you start looking for a local laptop repair shop. Check the inside of your laptop to see if the power jack has moved. The jack may shift position from time to time, making contact with the AC adapter difficult. Related: How To Fix a Loose Charger Cord


This is it. This was the guide intended to tell you how to replace laptop power jack without soldering. Soldering, however, is not a very difficult task, but replacing is better any day. Now that you have learned how to change your power jack, we hope that you won’t miss any of your important meetings or assignments.

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