Best Black and White Laser Printer for Home Use Review

Printers are an essential part of our lives these days. Almost every office requires a printer and this requirement has extended into our homes as well. There are various tasks at home that mandate the use of a printer. Right from printing your kid’s homework to printing the monthly grocery list, it’s time to look for the best black and white laser printer for home use.

There are various printer manufacturers and each one comes up with unique features that will portray their product better than the competitors. Rather than getting confused, you should look for certain features in a printer before getting one home. This article will help you understand what you need to look for before purchasing a home printer. We will also list the best black and white laser printer for home use that you can pick from.

Best Black and White Laser Printer for Home Use Review

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Black And White Printer

  1. Budget

When it comes to your budget, there are various things that you need to consider when purchasing the best black and white printer scanner. Apart from the price of the printer, you also need to look at the price for replacing the cartridges. You will find many cheap options on the market today however; do not fall for false promises. Always look for reliable brands that have a proven track record.

If these brands are going over your budget, then it is better to do some research online and look for some discounted offers for the best black and white laser printer for home use.

  1. Print Quality

The quality of the print is also something that you need to look at. A laser printer will always give you crystal clear images and it is better to opt-in for a laser printer as compared to an inkjet printer. You should also look at the DPI (dots per inch) specification of the printer. This specification will tell you how accurately the printer will be able to replicate the source image.

  1. Wireless Connection

Wireless connectivity is another important feature that you should look for when purchasing the best black and white laser printer for home use. If you are going to print from multiple sources, then wireless connectivity makes more sense. While some people look to connect their printer to their computer or laptop using a LAN or a USB cable, wireless connectivity will help you print from your smartphones and other devices as well without any physical connection needed.

  1. Printing Speed

Don’t you just hate it when your printer takes forever to print a single page? You should always purchase the best black and white laser printer for home use that has a high PPM speed. PPM stands for pages per minute speed. Some printers even have a PPM speed range mentioned on the box. This range varies due to different cartridges being used and the age of the printer.

  1. Scanner

As a bonus, try and opt for a printer that is ‘All-in-one’. All-in-one printers usually come with features such as scanning, printing and even sending out images to a recipient virtually. While this printer will cost you a little more, it is worth it.

Best Black And White Laser Printer For Home Use

  1. Canon imageCLASS D570

Canon is one of the most respected names in the world of printing and the Canon imageCLASS D570 is not far behind. This printer comes with various additional features that one looks for in a printer.

This printer comes with high print speed and wireless connectivity along with a cloud printing facility. Cloud printing is a facility that does not come with too many printers. This is a huge bonus when it comes to purchasing this printer. It is surely considered the best black and white laser printer for home use. This printer comes with a decent 28 PPM speed. This is quite decent for a home-use printer.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • 28 PPM speed
  • Printing possible from the cloud
  • Paper capacity up to 250 sheets


  • The duplex function only prints and does not scan

  1. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

This printer is perfect for people who have home offices or require a printer for a small set up or a startup. This monochrome printer comes with a class-leading printer speed of up to 32 PPM.

You can load the printer with up to 250 sheets of paper and the automatic feeder has a capacity of 50 sheets. This printer is compatible with mobile devices and works smoothly on Wi-Fi. This is one of the few printers that can copy, scan and fax as well. This is something that a lot of printers cannot do. For a home printer, this is a very good investment.


  • World-class print speed to increase efficiency
  • Automatic document feeder for copy, scan, and fax
  • Wi-Fi printing using multiple devices


  • You cannot purchase a third party toner to replace the cartridge in this printer.

  1. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

If you’re looking for the best black and white laser printer for home use that provides you with efficient copying, scanning, and printing then look no further. This printer has it all. It comes with flatbed scan glass scanning that increases clarity. This printer also has the fastest print speed of up to 32 PPM.

It is simple to connect a printer that comes with a built-in Wi-Fi device for wireless printing. If you’re looking for a printer to help you save money then this is the perfect buy. It comes with an automatic two-sided printing option that helps save paper. It also has a toner save model that will help you reduce toner cost.


  • Flatbed glass scan for copying and scanning
  • Class-leading print speed
  • Wireless printing using multiple devices


  • This printer is a little high end for home use

  1. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

When it comes to the best black and white printer scanner, you can’t deny that Brother is one of the best names you will find. The highlight of the best laser printer is that they come with class-leading printing speeds of up to 32 PPM. Whether you want to connect your Wi-Fi to the device or simply use the USB or LAN cable, it’s very simple to start using the best laser printer.

If you use your printer regularly, then this printer is highly recommended. This is because it comes with a smart technology that informs you about low toner levels. This printer is flexible and you can print on various sized papers with no problems at all.


  • Easy setup, even for someone with no knowledge of printers
  • Will print up to 2000 pages smoothly with a single refill
  • Reliable and quick printing


  • It’s a noisy printer

  1. Canon imageCLASS MF424dw

If you’re into high-quality printing and images are a large part of your regular printing routine then this printer is something you should consider buying. This is the reason it is considered the best all in one laser printer.

Unlike most printers that are pre-programmed to do certain tasks, this printer can be programmed as per your requirements and needs. It manages up to 40 PPM and comes with a paper handling capacity of up to 900 sheets. This Canon printer can handle large volumes of printing (up to 4000 pages a month). You can also print various sized papers on this printer by adjusting the printer tray.


  • High-speed printing of up to 40 PPM
  • Paper capacity of 900 sheets
  • Three-year warranty as opposed to one year offered by other companies


  • This printer may have difficulty connecting with iOS devices

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best black and white laser printer?

When it comes to choosing the best all in one laser printer, it is always recommended to choose a brand that has a well-established name in the market. This way you will not have a problem replacing the toner every time it runs out. The best printer for home use will be a one-time investment and maintenance won’t be an issue.

  1. Which is a better inkjet or laser printer?

Laser printers are modern, smart, clearer, more efficient and can handle larger volumes of printing. The risk of smudging and leaking is also less likely with the best printer for home use.

  1. How long do laser printers last?

A laser printers lifespan is generally quite long but it also depends upon handling and the amount of usage of the printer. Considering the advancements in technology, replacing your laser printer every few years to keep up with the latest printer models makes life a lot easier.


Different people have different requirements when it comes to printing. What works perfectly for one person may not be the ideal solution for another. You need to take into consideration your requirements and budget before you narrow down your selection of the perfect laser printer that you want to purchase.