Best Mirrorless Camera Under $1500

If you’re getting into professional photography, chances are, you are looking for something that allows for top-notch quality while still being reasonably sized. To save some space without compromising the end result, it may be a good idea to go for a mirrorless camera. However, such cameras can come attached to a huge price tag, so we’ve decided to save you some time, sharing with you what we found when we searched for the best mirrorless camera under $1500.

After detailed research, we’re confident that we’ll be able to help you decide which mirrorless camera is right for you. Tag along on this journey and find out the ups and downs that come with having a mirrorless camera.


Best Mirrorless Camera Under $1500

Factors to Consider While Buying Mirrorless Camera

 Put special attention to the key factors that have to be considered if you’re looking for the best mirrorless camera for professional use. Such attributes were:

  1. Sensors

This is the main thing to take into consideration. The bigger the sensor, the greater the quality of the picture. The sensors usually come in one of three sizes: MFT, APS-C, and full-frame. A full-frame sensor would be the biggest one, and an MFT the smallest. They also have a big impact on the price of the camera, so beware.

  1. Lenses

If you’re going through this guide, you’ve most likely already figured out that a camera can only take so far without a proper lens. To get the best performance for your money, you want to choose a brand that offers great lenses too, since those aren’t interchangeable between brands due to conflicting mounts.

  1. Body

The body is most likely to take physical damage if you decide to take the camera on a field trip. Besides, it’s also important to consider that there’s even a risk of damaging your equipment due to poor packing when you transport your camera. This is why certain kinds of photographers have to be mindful of the quality of the materials used to build the camera.

Best Mirrorless Camera under $1500 Review

  1. Sony Alpha A6400

For the Alpha series, the A6400 is one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market right now. This beauty from Sony, it’s a perfect example of the things we should expect from the best mirrorless camera under $1500. It makes a great investment for those wanting to give mirrorless technology a try.

This camera is as good as they come. The tiltable screen is a huge bonus for vlogs, still photography, and video recording. This feature also makes it great for taking selfies while checking the composition of the shot. At a great price, it shows that it’s possible to have a professional camera without overpaying for it. 

This is a comfortable option at a comfortable price. It’s straightforward to set up, compact, and all-around great at making things easier for yourself. You’ll find the quality of the pictures constantly exceeding your expectations. A choice you won’t regret.

  1. Fujifilm X-T3

With a resolution of 26.3MP and a back-illuminated sensor, Fujifilm’s X-T3 joined the race for best mirrorless camera under $1500. Innovation and aesthetics get together to give us a formidable camera that’s handsome in a classic way.

The camera comes with a “sports finder mode” to make it simple to keep track of fast-moving objects, a handy feature for wildlife or sports photography. A faster processor and a phase detection algorithm ensures that you won’t have to worry about the autofocus constantly losing its target. Also, its magnesium alloy body is well suited for field trips and rougher terrains. 

This is a great camera for the hobbyist wanting to take things to the next level. It’s as uncomplicated as an entry-level camera but performs as well as a higher-end one. The versatile EVF and strong materials make this camera a good choice for taking pictures in the wild or under adverse climatic conditions.

  1. Sony Alpha A6500

This is another alternative from Sony’s Alpha series. The A6500 comes as an older brother to the A6400 model, although both have their own particular approach. It’s slightly thinner than its younger sibling, making it easier to hold for video shooting. 

The A6500 is better suited for recording video since it comes with built-in image stabilization, a feature that comes in really handy when you want to shoot video without a lens. However, autofocus isn’t as refined as the one offered by the A6400, so you might have to focus on your target manually sometimes.

It’s able to record in 4K and goes up to 6K when oversampling at 2.4x. Besides that, it includes several other professional video features, such as S-Gamut/S-Log and Gamma Display Assist. The video can be recorded in full HD at 120fps and can be slowed down up to 5x.

  1. Canon EOS RP

No list of great cameras can be truly complete unless there’s a model from Canon in it. EOS RP stands out for its superb detail and the quality of the Canon lenses available. It’s a tough contestant for the spot as the best mirrorless camera under $1500.

A simple glance at this camera might fool you since it looks too small for a professional camera. But looks can be deceiving, since this little thing may as well be the best performing camera on this list. It comes with a full-frame sensor and a 24-240mm lens that will turn your pictures into works of art. A larger ISO range will ensure that you’re able to take the best shots even under awkward lighting conditions. 

If you’re looking for something practical yet outstanding, this is it. There’s even a bundle that includes everything you’ll need to put it to good use from day one. It’s not cheap, though, but quality comes at a price, right?

  1. Panasonic LUMIX GH5

To bring diversity into the mix, we decided to give this spot on the list to a very underappreciated mirrorless camera. The LUMIX GH5 is the alternative from Panasonic and a really great camera for still photography. It’s a well-built piece of equipment that could withstand an apocalypse.

This camera has dust and splash resistance and should be able to keep going even at temperatures as low as 10 degrees. It’s weather-sealed in every place that matters, and the magnesium-alloy construction of the body will endure the direst of circumstances. The only thing we found lacking was the sensor, being somewhat small for a professional camera, but it’s compensated by the great lenses that Panasonic offers.

As a camera for the adventurers out there, the LUMIX GH5 comes as a reliable choice. When you’re holding it, you can tell it’s something that was made to last. If you want a camera that’ll stay with you no matter where you’re going, look no further.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best entry level mirrorless camera?

For a beginner, it would be Sony’s A6400. This camera inherited many features from its older brother, the A6500, but it’s a more affordable alternative.

If you don’t mind giving up on the image stabilization and a few other perks, this camera is a solid choice. It gets bonus points for being truly user-friendly. Besides, add a couple of professional lenses and you won’t have to upgrade your equipment in a long time.

Is it worth buying a mirrorless camera?

Mirrorless cameras come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Like any other device made for professional photography, they’re better suited for certain kinds of jobs.

If you’re a hobbyist looking to make the jump to professional equipment or a veteran looking for a spare camera with something new to bring to the table, a mirrorless camera is likely to be a highly appealing choice for you.

Do mirrorless camera take better pictures?

To understand the answer to this question, one should consider a few technical details first. Mainly that, besides resolutions and megapixels, the quality of the pictures taken by any camera will be determined by the sensor. For this, the most affordable alternative is to go for a camera with an ASP-C sensor, either on a mirrorless camera, like the Sony Alpha A6500 or a DSLR.

The absence of a mirror does not change the overall raw quality of the picture, but it could lead you to take better pictures if your photography is benefited by getting to see something closer to the final product on the EVF before taking the shot.


As we’ve seen, mirrorless cameras have a huge amount of diverse features particular to each individual model. The key is to determine what you need it for, and what camera is more suited for that kind of job. We put all the details on the table for you, and now all you have to do is make the decision and buy the best mirrorless camera under $1500, and your craft will experience the difference.