Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Review

Sitting behind the wheel, almost every motorcyclist has a dilemma where to put their mobile phone. And considering that many people use a smartphone as a navigator, then the everyday question arises – where and how to place a mobile phone so that its screen is always in front of your eyes, but does not interfere with driving? This is where such a simple accessory as a phone mount comes to the rescue. And if you choose the best motorcycle phone mount, you can solve the problem completely. However, what are the criteria for purchasing such an item?

Factors to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Phone Mount

There are several factors to consider when buying a good motorcycle phone mount. Evaluate the mounting location, the quality of construction and the strength of attachment to the motorcycle, the ease of installation and removal of the mobile device. Do not forget about the reliability of fixation, flexibility of dimensions, compactness, and, of course, appearance.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Review


You need to look for a holder that is best for your phone. Here size is especially important. The most common mistake of potential buyers is that the diagonal of the phone screen does not match. A device with the same diagonal can have different proportions. The screen options listed in documents and descriptions are often given regardless of the frame of the device. They may differ depending on the device model.

You need to check the exact dimensions on your phone. Be sure to compare these parameters with the internal dimensions of the phone mount. This will allow you to best align the phone holder with the handlebars of your motorcycle. The driver must be especially careful. This is the only way to troubleshoot during riding.

Here we must mention that the best motorcycle phone mounts are universal. This means that they have an adjustable distance between the elements responsible for stabilizing the device. You can then easily adjust the holder to the size of your phone.

Construction and basic material

If you decide to buy a RAM motorcycle phone mount for the handlebars of a motorcycle, you should pay attention to the head, which is the main part of the design of the holder. This part allows the device to be positioned on the steering wheel so that it is most comfortable for the rider. The design of the holder should allow the phone to be positioned both vertically and horizontally. Sometimes there are cheaper analogs that have a problem with this.

It is worth looking for a phone mount, which is covered with a non-slip insert. This option has several very significant advantages. The main thing is that the phone attached to such a handle does not fall out while driving and is firmly held on the steering wheel. The non-slip material will also provide good protection against shocks and vibrations, which often occur when riding a motorcycle. Such an impact always negatively affects any device.

Construction and basic material - Motorcycle Phone Mount Reviews

Additional protection

If you anticipate the need to drive with your phone on the handlebars and in adverse weather conditions and on difficult terrain, it is worth taking a mount with a case. This is an element that perfectly protects your smartphone from rain, snow, or dust. This additional coating is a thin transparent film. The latter saves the screen by protecting the surface and allows you to control the device without removing the cover.

When choosing a case, the dimensions that match the model of the phone are also extremely important. It is good if there is soft rubber inside the box. It fills the extra space after placing the phone in it and at the same time absorb the consequences of light shocks while driving.

Water resistance

The manufacturers of the best motorcycle phone mounts often decide to make their case waterproof. Zippers and seams are the structural elements of the coating through which water penetrates most easily. In waterproof cases, these parts are rubber. This means that a layer of rubber and varnish is applied to them so that water does not penetrate inside and does not damage important elements.

Water resistance - Motorcycle Phone Mount Reviews

Installation and charging

Mounting to the handlebars of the motorcycle must be easy, fast, and secure. Special brackets are used for this. For motorcycles with a handlebar diameter of more than 25 mm, screw stands are recommended. Mirror or brake fluid reservoir brackets are installed in the same way. Remember – the bigger and heavier the phone, the stronger and more reliable the stand on which we will place it should be.

If your motorcycle has a charging socket, you can use it to recharge your phone’s battery while riding. In this case, the cover must ensure a convenient connection of the cable to the device. The cable sleeve is oriented towards the short side of the device. The best solution is to buy a case with 2 zippers, which will allow you to connect the cable between them almost anywhere.

Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts Review

Keep in mind that motorbike mobile phone holders are usually more expensive than phone stands in the car because they must not only be extremely durable but also be 100% sure that your phone will not fly anywhere. So it will cost you more than a car phone stand, but you are investing in quality that will last you for years. Here are some of our top suggestions for the best motorcycle phone mount.

Givi S920M

Make your everyday life easier with the Givi S920M phone stand and holder. This practical solution helps for your convenience when you are on the road. It will keep your smartphone in a stable position without the risk of falling, slipping, or breaking. The quality of Givi is also guaranteed by the fact that it is a patented product that is designed and manufactured in Italy.

The holder is made of materials with high chemical and mechanical resistance. Its metal parts are made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The plastic elements are techno-polymer and molded with techno-elastic material to significantly increase the durability of each component and provide adhesion in the support areas of the smartphone

We can easily place this Givi model among the best motorcycle phone mounts. It is largely universal. It is compatible with diameters between 8 mm and 35 mm. Givi also allows placement around sections that are not perfectly round and have a maximum diameter of 37 mm. At the same time, its installation is as easy as child’s play. The device locks and releases with just a few movements and without the use of additional tools.

This motorbike mobile phone holder is designed to avoid camera interference on most smartphones, allowing video recording on the go. All components remain attached to each other, even after removal from the vehicle, which reduces the risk of accidental loss.

  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Easy installation
  • Allows video recording on the go
  • Universal
  • Suitable for use on motorcycles, bicycles, and sleds
  • High price
  • It looks massive

Givi S954B

When it comes to the best motorcycle phone mounts, Givi is the right choice. S954B is the perfect solution for gripping your smartphone on a motorcycle, scooter, bicycle. The mounting system of the stand is compatible with pipes having a diameter between 8 mm and 35 mm. The device can also wrap around objects that are not perfectly round. This allows this model to be used on motorcycles with a 22 mm diameter handlebar or on rear-view mirror handles.

Thanks to the mounting system designed and patented by Givi, attaching and removing the device holder is extremely simple and fast. Installation takes seconds. Loosening the handle of the mounting bracket can adjust the position of the device holder according to the specific requirements of the rider at any time and without the need for tools.

The resilience and protection of this model are also worth mentioning. The product comes with a safety strap, canopy, touch-sensitive front surface, power port, and waterproof cover to use in case of heavy rain.

  • Touch-sensitive transparent surface
  • Sunshade
  • It opens at the bottom to allow power to the device.
  • Zip closure with waterproof flap
  • Established and proven brand
  • The plastic elements reflect the sun and reduce the visibility of the phone
  • Large size

Roam Universal Premium

With its side grip system and silicone mesh, Roam provides a solid universal way to mount your phone. Adjust the angle from vertical to horizontal to your needs. This phone mount is compatible with most phones on the market, including large iPhones. It attaches to the handlebars of your motorcycle and is then adjustable to fit handlebar sizes from 7/8” to 1 1/4” in diameter. In doing so, Roam uses two contact points for maximum security potential.

Roam`s manufacturers have chosen not to use heavy metals to favor flexibility and cushioning. This is an ideal mount for off-roaders. The elastic silicone that holds the phone to the side will allow the bike to bounce without allowing anything to loosen. In addition to the flexible corners, this holder also adds extra points of grip on each side. This provides an extra layer of physical security.

The Roam phone stand is suitable for both motorcycles and bicycles. It is universal, made of durable premium materials, and fixes your device very well. If you are tired of the usual mounts from which the phone falls when you encounter bumps that scratch the phone and are made of cheap metals, then Roam is the best motorcycle phone mount for you.

  • High-quality elastic materials
  • Universal stand for most types of smartphones
  • High security for your smartphone even in the event of a shock
  • Easy installation
  • Extremely low price
  • Lack of additional waterproof coating
  • It depreciates quickly

Kuryakyn 1693

Kuryakyn is designed to be a universal stand for mobile phones. If you are looking for a compact holder with a non-traditional shape for your phone, you have just found it. Kuryakyn is the perfect addition to your bike. The phone holder is compatible with portable devices with or without cases.

Kuryakyn is made of high-quality materials. At the same time, it is light and healthy. The capability of stretching is from 1 5/8 “to 3 5/8”. This means you can use it for almost any type of smartphone. It is mounted on the handlebars with bolts and has a non-slip rubber seal inside. The stylish design is unobtrusive, discreet and perfectly complements the interior of the vehicle. At the same time, again thanks to the design, the mount will not block your screen or other buttons – they will all be easily accessible.

The handle is mounted to the handlebar frame. The components are made of corrosion-resistant metal. Kuryakyn has a very precise mechanism that expands and contracts, perfectly matching the dimensions of the mobile device. The thin foam pad provides a very stable grip while protecting your phone and absorbing vibrations while riding.

  • Maximum stability
  • Compatible with most smartphones and navigations on the market
  • Compact size
  • Thin foam pad
  • Phillips head pan screws
  • Tools are required for installation
  • Relatively high price

CAW.CAR Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

The motorbike mobile phone holder of Caw.Car is universal, designed for use on even the most difficult and uneven roads. It is made of heavy metal, premium plastic, and rubber. This combination will protect your smartphone and press against your handlebars for a firm grip. At the same time, the holder is made so that it can fit any smartphone and connect to most standard tubular rudder motors with a diameter of 0.5 “to 1.7” in diameter.

This installation is also extremely easy to install without any tools. All you have to do is tighten the bracket on the handlebars of your bike, fasten your smartphone and you’re good to go. Its rubber base and silicone straps will keep your phone securely in place. What’s more, the holder can rotate up to 360 degrees to provide you with the best and safest viewing angle.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • A combination of materials for security, lightness, and stability
  • Easy installation
  • Universal holder
  • Absorbs shaking and shocks
  • There are many imitations of the model
  • It is heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best motorcycle phone mount?

Several companies specialize in the production of motorbike mobile phone holders. In addition to all the important features, we advise you to pay attention to the models of Givi and Roam.

What is the cheapest motorcycle mount?

The prices of the phone mounts vary a lot. If you want to bet on a model with many features, get ready for a higher price. However, let us mention that the price is not always decisive. Some of the best motorcycle phone mounts are priced under $20!


There is no doubt that motorcycle phone holders are of great benefit when you want to have direct and safe access to your phone while riding. Instead of using your phone holding the handlebars with only one hand, which is risky and dangerous, you can simply mount this stand on your handlebars.

If you are one of those people who like to use the navigation or not to miss important messages and conversations while driving, then this device will do a great job for you. Since we know how huge and difficult it is to choose the best motorcycle phone mount even for the most experienced motorcyclists, we have given you a few suggestions. All of them will provide you with continuous, safe, easy, and convenient access to your phone while driving.