Top Streaming Sites for Students: The Best Services

Students study under constant pressure every day, and sometimes they need to have a rest and relax. Nowadays, the best way to chill at home is to take a really comfortable couch and watch movies, series, shows or any other videos available. Streaming sites play the role of a provider of all these videos, broadcasts and records. Cable TV has been old-fashioned, and now it is a new and very popular way of watching TV. 

While someone is fulfilling your WriteMyPaper4Me online request, top streaming sites can entertain you without any difficulties. Just turn your gadget on (be it a TV, a laptop, a computer, a tablet or even a smartphone) and enter the address of the top streaming website in the search engine. Or alternatively, you can download an app of the service and enjoy the video without surfing the Internet. But, how to choose the best streaming sites of the best ones? And what benefits and drawbacks do they have in comparison with each other?

The List of Top Streaming Websites for Students

The List of Top Streaming Websites for Students

There is a great number of streaming websites that are popular among current students. However, if you prefer watching the video of the highest quality and want to enjoy a good variety of the latest updates, you should choose exclusively the top network with the top content. 

  1. Netflix

It is difficult to find a person who does not know about this service. Nowadays most students consider it to be the best app for watching a movie, a show, a video, a streaming broadcast, and so on. There, you can find more than just a simple collection of classic films, but even something original (a lot of novelties are included). Due to this, any student can not overlook this site. 

However, owing to the fact that the competition on the market is mounting, a lot of experts criticize this website a lot. They do it on the grounds that there are a lot of other even better in some ways websites with higher picture quality and more interesting catalog of items available for watching.

Nevertheless, do you know someone among your fellow students who do not have a personal account on Netflix? Maybe, it is a rhetorical question, isn’t it?

  1. Filmstruck

Contrary to the previous top streaming site, Filmstruck is a service where classic genres are the main. There you can find any foreign film just in a few seconds because the catalog that the website offers is really great.

What is more, there is one strong point that highlights this service among others. There you can see any interview and other extras to the movies and series without any problems. It is convenient, fast, and beneficial!

  1. Hulu

Hulu very often is considered to be a classic TV streaming site because the catalog of videos that it provides its viewers with is more related to the various TV shows and TV programs. If you are a fan of something classic and want to have a good time lying in bed in front of your TV screen, this service is a real find for you.

Moreover, there you can watch video recordings of the top shows and programs of the less rating level only one day after the opening night.

  1. Amazon Video

It is a unique service that only starts working out for better results, but it has already had a comparatively large number of original shows and programs that now are gaining momentum and becoming more and more popular all the time. 

The number of streamable movies is very large in the service. Furthermore, this number is always increasing, and now it seems to be countless. All that shows that this website continues building a strong reputation and wants its viewers to enjoy watching any films, anytime and for good money.

  1. HBO Now

Are you a fan of “Games of Thrones”? If you are, this service is the only place where you can watch it in full HD. And this show is not the only one that is presented in such a role. Much of the content on this site is original, and HBO Now remains the only service to watch it.

Furthermore, there you can find the best movies and series of the last eight years and enjoy watching them in the highest quality. The only drawback is a price. A monthly and yearly fee is somewhat higher than on the other top streaming sites. However, if you are a fan of the HBO original movies, it will not be a great problem for you to pay an extra few dollars per year, won’t it?

  1. YouTube

The last but not the least one on this list is YouTube. Being the most popular service for watching videos, this site provides its viewers with a great number of broadcasts and video recordings. The content of this service is very diverse. So, you can watch almost everything that can come to your mind. Read more: How to Watch Movies on an Android Phone

Sport competitions, concerts of famous stars, interviews, film trailers, the huge number of TV shows and so on, all that is available for watching on this website. It is a very big benefit that the content of the service is completely free, of course, with some exceptions, but the majority of videos are at no cost for ordinary internet users. And without a doubt, it is very convenient. 

However, there are a lot of ads that sometimes pick on you while watching. And if you want to get rid of them, the best way is to buy a premium version of YouTube. It is not very expensive and gives you a lot of comfort and satisfaction.


All in all, now there is a very great variety of top streaming sites on the market. But each of them takes a focus on its target audience. Due to this, the above-mentioned list of services is created exclusively on the basis of the students’ tastes. 

So, if you are a student and now are looking for a top place where you can watch streamable movies, from this list, undoubtedly, you will be able to find something appropriate for you. Enjoy watching with top streaming sites!